Thursday, February 5, 2009

Some Clarification of Grey from Paul Pham

(Pic by Joyce W in FL)
(Pic by Liane in MN!)

All Grey lovers would be interested to know about the below information from Paul directly.

Paul has been back from IDEX and the gorgeous Grey dolls are totally SOLD OUT. And Paul has left a message with the Numina Yahoo Group to clarify some misunderstanding on the hand paint issue of Grey.

First of all, Paul said that the IDEX Grey is scheduled to be shipped in early March. It will be sent directly from his manufacturer/distributor.

Then, he mentioned the FDQ has given out the wrong information on IDEX dolls would be hand painted by him. Actually, only the first edition Greys were painted by Paul. Here is what Paul’s message says:

“The first edition Greys were painted by myself only because it was the first release---subsequent releases will be painted by another artist under my supervision. This will allow me to devote more time to designing and making the prototype clothing/accessories for the Numina line---as I have a full time job and there are only so many hours in the day, I cannot both paint and design in that time-frame. I wish I could, but there is just no possible way.”

Of course, all Paul’s fan, like me, would love to have a doll really created and hand painted by him. However, Paul’s situation is totally understandable and sensible. So the future faceup of Grey would able done by Paul’s personal friend who are very talented as well. However, Paul would continue supervising and control the quality to ensure the consistence of his creation!

TonnerDirect New Exclusive - I want a split!

Gone with the Wind US224.99
ultra-basic Matt only at US54.99

she looks abit too mature for this dress to me!

I like this heart-shaped pattern stocking

Mesh armbands
& ruffles
I love it!
TonnerDirect has announced 3 new exclusive dolls: Wonderland Costume Ball (US159.99); Traveling with Mother to Savannah (US224.99), and Ultra-basic Matt O’neill (US54.99). They offer free shipping within the continental US, and valid until the Valentine’s Day. Just enter promo code 09FREE during check-out.

I love the wonderland costume ball (queen of the hearts) at first sight. Not the dolls but the outfits. I think Queen of the Hearts looks too mature to dress like a young girl – afterall, it is her majesty that we are talking about!

I like the wide ruffled organza collar, voluminous ruffled shirt tiers, mesh armbands, and ribbon lacings on the stocking and the faux fur trimmed town. So, anybody interested in a split with me? Me outfits complete, you the nude doll (ok, you can keep her hair as well! LOL!)

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Dreams of a Boy - Les reves d'un garcon

Interviewed with the creator – Keith from Singapore
(warning : with some doll nudity, view it at your own discertion)

“Boys Be Ambitious!” was what my secondary teachers always encouraged me to be. I really admire people who have their dreams and then waste no effort in achieving them. During my Singapore trip last month, I contacted Keith, the creator and artist of the new 45cm (17.7 inches) BJD male doll “Les reves d'un garcon”, for an interview. In my impression, he is one of these boys with ambition and dreams!

What is “Les reves d'un garcon”?

Keith and I have been chatting online for quite awhile about dolls, but this was our first time to meet in person. We firstly met at a taxi stand and then we moved to his workshop after a light dinner together. This cheerful young man told me that he always wanted to create his own lines of dolls since he was a child. Being able to launch his male BJD, Lucien, in last 1st November, and then Bradley in last December, was his dream came true. During the whole interview, he told me some other dreams of his, and he is working his way to actualize them. No wonder he named his series of dolls as Les reves d'un garcon = Dreams of a Boy.

(Detailed Italina fashion with functional pockets, real scale zippers and some with real button holes)

Who’s that Boy?
Keith was born and raised in Singapore. Influenced by his seamstress mother, Keith loves to make cloths for his dolls and OOAK them with his creativeness. He put himself through college studies by selling his own OOAK Barbies. It was the heyday of Barbie in the doll market. In 2000, Keith won 2 awards of BMAA (Barbie Bazaar Make-Over Award) – category of the “Bride” and “Miscellaneous”, which has further strengthened his confidences in pursuing his dreams. After working for fashion industry for 10 years, Keith decided to focus on his passion in life - creating his own line of BJDs.
My First Hand Experiences
The first time I held Lucien on hand, I am kind of touched by the weight it has. Although I know that the heaviness of a doll does not necessarily equal to the quality of it. Yet, I could actually felt the presence of this doll and began to bond with it. Lucien’s weight is not really that heavy though, its weight is in-between Sybarite and Deva or Paul’s Grey doll. Keith said that he spent plenty of time on discussing with the manufacturer on the body structure design and use of resin for his dolls. Lucien is made of high quality resin which is durable and not as brittles as some resin BJDs are. For the skin tone, it comes with natural, pale white, and ultra limited Sun-Kissed. As you know that some resin doll’s color would change after exposing to the sun light or even fluorescent light, Keith said he actually experimented that issue with the factory technician and is currently perfecting a new strain of UV resistant resin. As a matter of fact, Keith is planning to release his future new line with newly developed UV resistant resin. And it is currently only available in the Sun-Kissed Lucien (Caucasian), Bradley (Asian) and Jenry (African).

(Luicen and Russell body comparison)

All About the Boys

  • Sizes

Lucien, Bradley and Jenry are anatomy correct and stand at 45cm (about 17.7”) which is half a head taller than Matt and Russell (Tonner). Wig size 5/6” would fit their heads well. As my personal preference, I LOVE articulated body, so they could satisfy my desire and I have had fun on posing him for pictures. Although Keith would release more outfits and accessories in the later stage, these gorgeous boys could fit in most of Tonner’s outfits and shoes in the mean time. (A note: since Lucien and Bradley are taller than Tonner guys, so some sleeves and pants length of Tonner guys’ might be a little bit short.)

  • Face Mould

Currently, there are 2 face molds available, I would say there are quite unique in their own ways. You could identify them from other dolls in the market easily. Could it be caused by the Asian perspective, or Keith is trying to fill the gap of what is lacking in the current market?

  • Lucien : a Caucasian look with some essence of Asian

  • Bradley: an Asian with not so conventional feature

I am asking Keith to consider an Indian and Latino doll in the future! (Ok, guys, I admitted that, again, it is my personal obsession! LOL!)

(Completely sink-in padding)

  • Box set

- Lucien Basic set: it comes with body blushing, blue inset eyes & eyelashes, brunette wig, brief, stand.

- Bradley Basic set: it comes with body blushing, dark brown inset eyes & eyelashes, raven wig, brief, stand.

- Jenry Basic set: it comes with body blushing, blue inset eyes & eyelashes, brunette wig, brief, stand.

- Debute Lucien set: it comes with body blushing, blue inset eyes & eyelashes, brunette wig, tuxedo set with shoes, stand.

These guys are molded with open fingers, so they could wear accessories like rings. There is no worry on any fingers being hooked by the lining during dressing up the doll. It is because each doll would come with 2 special nodes that you could replace the palms before dressing. It is REALLY a thoughtful touch of the designer.

(Expressive hands for both male and female dolls

nobs for replacing palm before you dress up your doll) (Ultra Limited Edition of 2 Jenry)

  • Outfits Collections

As some of you may have already seen from Keith’s website that he is selling deluxe box set with male couture and knitwear too. All the high quality detailed outfits have functional pockets, right scale zippers and buttons as well as real button holes. I am also very impressed by the shoes. Besides the great craftsmanship, it even has its own logo embossed sole. I could imagine having the outfits and shoes putting into any male doll wardrobes would be as much fun as for female wardrobes.

Sneak Peek of the Female Doll

For sure, Keith is actualizing his dreams one by one. After the debut of his male dolls, there would be some female dolls added in his line. And I have such a privilege to be able to have on hands on the female dolls, which is about to come out in any time! Here is some sneak peek pictures of his female BJD - a total knock out! Another report will be follow! So, please stay tune!

Note: I am in no way associate with the creator or factory alike. This article is purely written from my personal experiences and perspective.

Keith could be contacted by the below means:


Official website:

Facebook :