Friday, February 13, 2009

Dreams of a Boy - Les rêves d'un garcon (Part II)

Interviewed with the creator & artist – Keith from Singapore
(warning: with doll nudity, view at your own discretion)

As promised on the sneak peek on my previous post on the new BJD male doll “Les rêves d'un garcon (, here is the review of the new female doll of Keith.

During my visit to Keith’s studio, he did not only let me playing with his boys but also showed me his new 43cm (16.9”) new girl, which to be launched really soon!

Camille on Keith's Design Outfits

Camille™ and Maya™
On the day of my visit, I was shown two face moulds by Keith: closed mouth (Camille = perfect in French )and opened mouth (Maya = Dream/illusion in Sanskirt) I usually find open mouth doll more sexy and expressive to me. But this time, I found the closed mouth one carries more attitudes. Both face moulds have European girl feature with full lips, which I adore!

I must admit that it was love at first sight! Why? As an action figure collector myself, I like all my dolls (be it action figure heroes or fashion dolls) to be poseable. Keith has developed a special double jointed elbow which enables these girls to hold their pose firmly, yet look natural without exposing too many joints and not to mention she poses with great modelesque attitude!

Maya TM

Keith reviewed that he believes that “form & function” of a doll could co-exist. Some dolls are articulated but not much attention was paid to its physical aesthetics; while others are physically attractive but are not very articulated. I am happy to see more fashion dolls these days have paid much attention in this aspect. And this double jointed elbow is patented by Keith.

Camille TM

Expressive hands

Although it is still in the experimental stage, Keith showed me the hand that he designed for letting her girls holding handbags! It is definitely a great surprise to me, and it is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. Fashion dolls are usually accompanied by many accessories, but none of them, that I have come across so far, could carry their own bags without help of rubber bands. When she is off the runway, I am sure I could borrow a pistol from some of my action figures, and transform her to a cool James Bond girl!

Mysterious Surprises
Keith’s girl is made of French resin that comes with default face paint, delicate body blush, free pair of extra expressive hands, mohair wig, lingerie, marabou boa, and a little surprise (not reviewed). Another mysterious thing is that he has not yet decided which face mould or skin tone (sun-kissed, pale, AA) to be his début girl at that point of interview. But Keith reviewed to me that during the launching period, FREE postage would be extended to his patrons! Hmm….Keith, that is good bait indeed!!! Put me on your customer list please!

Sharing Wardrobe
Keith’s girls could share mostly Tonner and Sybarite’s wardrobe without problems. So when she arrives, there would be cat-fights at the back stage….LOL!

In Sybarite Kick Outfits

Comments to Keith
In my impression, Keith is very enthusiastic on his life passion. And he is keen on listening to the feedback from collectors, so you are welcome to contact him directly for any comments by the below means:

Keith could be contacted by the below means:

Official website:

(Note: I am in no way associate with the creator or factory alike. This article is purely written from my personal experiences and perspective.)