Thursday, March 26, 2009

Some SOLD Dolls – A Tribute to Adele, Fashion Royalty

As I have mentioned in my earlier blog entry "A confession of a Dollaholic", I have been selling my doll collections to raise fund for Luo. A month passed, I have sold quite a number of items and Luo is close to be paid off. (Yeah!!!)

While I was clearing up the pictures in the SOLD folder in my computer, I found that some of the SOLD dolls really have given me great memories. Adele of Fashion Royalty, especially, is one of them.

Adele, the Spot Light Stealer:
My first Adele, Graphic Language, is still my favorite; and the last Adele that I bought is Paparazzi, which is a unique one with her semi opened side-glance eyes and curly short golden hair. She has the honey tan skin tone which was newly introduced by Integrity then. Unfortunately, the recent releases of Adele are kind of disappointment to me.

Hardly any Characters that Could Compare To Adele:
In the past 2-3 years, there have been many new characters being introduced in the Fashion Royalty line. Some of them have very similar look or even sharing same face molds. And, I am kind of losing track of who is who and relationships amongst them. Amongst all the Fashion Royalty characters, those earlier characters still captured my hearts - Adele, Vanessa and Kyori are my all time favorite.

A Tribute to Adele:
I had been deleting pictures fast one after another by left clicking on my mouse. But I always stopped by Adele’s pictures. And then, I realized that Adele gets most of my camera’s attention than any other girls! So as a tribute to Adele, I would like to show some of her great shots here with Adele’s fans.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Luo on NS/WS Standard Version - what a difference!

Iplehouse has just released a NS (normal skin) and WS (white skin) Luo at US650. I am so glad that I have ordered the special brown LE of Luo early this month. Honestly, this NS/WS Luo does not do anything to me at all. It is amazed how much different skin tone could do on the same doll. Besides, the standard version Luo would not have extra strong arms as the LE Luo.

Meanwhile, Iplehouse has also released some spare hand parts. It was US20 each pair before, but it is now US25. If you want it to be in real skin or brown skin tone, additional US4 and US7 is required repectively.

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