Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dahlia Is A Big Little Girl - Dollmore

Lusion Doll - Dahlia

I thought that my LUO is already really huge and heavy, but there is another new doll by Dollmore which is even bigger – Dahlia.

Dahila is a cute little girl who is really BIG in size – she stands 80cm (about 2.6 feet) and weight 4.2 kg (almost 10 pounds) in weight. Her eye ball size is 26mm which more than a double of Luo’s 12mm. Luo is a fully grown up man but Dahlia is only a little girl. She reminds me of the little sister version of Alice in wonderland. I could imagine that playing with Dahlia is like playing with a life size babe!

Below is the official description of this cute little BIG one!
There is a fantasy girl Dahlia who get lost in the magic forest, goes through the misty pond as twittering of a little bird, wanders about in the forest for mom's song.
A pretty girl Dahlia, she is all things wonderful. She will tell you in a friendly way, "Have you ever been to magic forest?"

Normal assembled body + Normal head- 26mm glass eyes- Wig- Underwear set- Box, 2 cushions, COA

* Eye size : 26mm (Diameter)
* Tall : 80cm
* Circumference of Head : 35.2cm
* Circumference of neck : 15.5cm
* Circumference of chest : 33.5cm
* Width of shoulders : 18.5cm
* Circumference of waist : 26cm
* Circumference of hips : 39.4cm
* Lenth of "from hips to ankle" : 35cm
* Lenth of "from knee to ankle" : 17cm
* Foot size : 12cm (width:5cm)
* Weight : 4.2kg

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