Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mazarine Blue Dolls - Creation of a 23 Year-old Guy!

I think one of the amazing things of fashion doll world is that there is always something new, something creative from time to time. You would keep being inspired, amazed and entertained. Lately, I found something very inspiring, which worth some attention!

Probably, you have already come across a new 16” BJD doll artist from Korea called “Mazarine” either in Prego or ResinOasis.com lately. Mazarine has just launched his newly improved BJD line “Party Blue”. There are totally 4 different girls in this line – girlish line ( Mabel, Isabel), Feminine line (Louise, Estella). Those are very distinguishable articulated fashion BJD that created with passion by a 23-year-old University student in Seoul, South Korea. Below is my interview with Mazarine. I found it fun to interview him. After you have read this interview, probably you would know why his girls are so unique in their own way!
What is your real name, Mazarine?
My name is Jungsuk Ko in Korean language. People call me “Mazarine”. It is named after my dolls - “Mazarine Blue”. Actually, Mazarine Blue" is a kind of butterfly with blue wings. one of my friends told me about this species. You know, I’ve been loving butterflies. They have such good meaning to me - transformation, happiness and freedom after long patience inside a cocoon. When did you start your doll collection?
Since I am interested in fashion design, I always wanted a human size mannequin to design and make clothes with. As a high school student, I did not have disposable money to spend on it, so I started to search from somewhere else. Then, I saw Barbie dolls by chance. So I could say Barbie doll has actually opened the door of fashion doll world for me!

When I was a younger, I used to play with dolls. I made them clothes with my mother. Sometimes, I made paper dolls and made their fashion by myself too. However, people say boys do not play with girls’ toys, so I have stopped this hobby. Not until had I searched for my mannequin, that I restarted this hobby again.

Amazing poseability

What kind of dolls do you collect?
Actually, I don’t collect dolls much; I prefer creating my own ones! You know both collecting dolls and making dolls are costly. Therefore, when I have spare money, I would prefer to spend it on the materials and tools for creating my own dolls instead. Having said that, I love realistic looking dolls, if I have enough money to purchase any dolls, I would go for those realistic and mysterious looking dolls.

What made you decide to create your own dolls? Can you introduce more about your dolls?

It is funny, like I said, I am interested in fashion, and wanted to be a fashion designer. At the same time, I am also interested in interior design. Basically, I enjoy being able to create things by myself. You see, I make fashion for my dolls, and can make furniture for them too. It is very exciting that I could create everything for my own dolly world! So, I also wanted to create my own dolls!
I finally actualized my desire to create my own doll after I entered University. I chose to make Ball Jointed Type Fashion Doll as there were not many BJFD in the world, I believe.

What inspired your creation?

I am inspired by many things. As you know, I have my creation “Debut party dolls”, which were inspired by celebrities. I wanted to make realistic dolls which look like those beautiful and glitter stars. Some people say my dolls are like Spice Girls, especially Louise, who is Victoria Beckham look-alike. I think people think so because my dolls have strong characters and looks like celebrities. I wish I can make various celebrities, if I have the chance.Besides, I’m also inspired by various cultures and nature. I’ve done some works inspired by Africa in my school. Now I’m planning a doll fashion show. Those dolls are inspired by Middle East. I’ve been sketching for their outfits, and at the same time, I am making new dolls. They will be wearing Middle Eastern style of clothes.

By the way, the Nature is the biggest resource in the earth, I believe. One of the Debut Party doll, Louise, is wearing 'Petals Leopard'. It has strong contrast of gold silk and black petals lace which can make it looks like a leopard.

(Louis & Isabel)

How do you differentiate your dolls from what are available in the market?

I think it’s one of the most difficult things to do. For instance, painter should paint within the frame of canvas, and fashion designers should make dress for human body. They both have a limitation of shape. Only people interested in them would be able to tell the differences and similarity of the artists work. Although they all have certain limitation, they show their own style. I also have a limitation on how I would like to show my own style with my human-like dolls. I wish people would be able to tell my dolls from the others by my signature design. (Share wardrobes with other 16")

Typical cartoon features - very big eyes and tiny nose, is not my style. I prefer human feature, which is very beautiful to me. That is why I want to make realistic look dolls which carry strong characters.

Currently, my dolls have two lines: Feminine and Girlish.
Feminine: Louise and Estella are the same line, but with different face mould. Meanwhile, Girlish : Mabel and Isabel also have different looks. All of them create a scene. I love the harmony amongst different characters.

(Mabel )

What are the difficulties that you have come across when you create your dolls?

I feel some difficulties in using resin and have proper control on silicone molding. Both materials are costly and hard to use. Because of their unique properties, sometimes the results did not turn out as expected. Resin has after shrinkage when it is hardened. Eventually, some joints may not fit properly.

What is your current project? What are your goals or dreams? What is your future projects/planning?
I am an art student in a University, and busy on preparing my graduation exhibition. Like I have said before, I will have a doll fashion show inspired by Middle East. I am now working on it! I wish that I could show them to you soon!My dream is not to be a millionaire, but I want to be a professional doll creator. I wish my dolls would make people happy and they could be used for good things. I am interested in Africa, and I have done some African style works in my school, and I know there are so many people struggling. I wish my dolls and my works can help them someday. May it be by itself as an art, or by financial support.

My Impression:

Mazarine has given me an impression of creative, passion, kind-hearted with strong interest in lesser known culture and stuff. He keeps experimenting and improving the structure of his BJD dolls. You could see that he is using his spare time to make things perfect. You could read his progress from his personal blogs. I wish him all the best in actualizing his dreams as a professional doll creator, and using the influence of his work to help the others. “BOY BE AMBITION”, Mazarine I wish you all the luck!!!

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If you want to see more Mazraine’s creative, you could visit his homepage and his blosg. Mazarine Blue doll is priced at US310 plus EMS shipping. They could be purchased directly from his website: http://mazarine-d.com/ , his blog : http://mbluedoll.tistory.com/