Friday, June 19, 2009

Male BJD is No More a Symble of Unisex

For several times, I have mentioned how I have got into the world of BJDs. I had never thought of liking any bigger BJD until I have seen someone posted Iplehouse’s Latino Aaron (64cm tall) in Prego more than 2 years back. Most of the bigger BJDs (e.g: 1/4 or 1/3) that I know are with cartoonist body proportion and Japanese comic characters looking face. Especially the male BJDs are very slender and unisex looking. The charisma of Aaron is that he looks like a real human with deep eyes, wider nose bridge with rounder nose tip and expressive thick lips, which really captured the heart of mine and many others.ELD’s Varieties
Lately, Iplehouse has further developed their dolls and released a series of ELD (Elder Iplehouse Doll) by the names: Akando (pierrot), Evan (animal tamer), Luo (strongman), Kamau (sword dancer). I would say that Iplehouse has found their niche, and more closer to human looking BJD has become its signature. These guys all stand 70cm tall, made after human proportion, with muscular body. Two of them, Luo and Kamau, have more realistic look and with bigger biceps. As you could see from the pictures here that these macho guys come with different skin tone: WS (white skin), NS (normal skin), RS (real skin), BS (brown skin), BS (black skin). What a stunning group! Learn How to Handle it Online
One of the fun parts of playing with BJD is their poseability. Please be sure to search online to look for advises on how to handle this hunky men properly. If I did not get that information from the doll forum, most likely I would complain on how difficult it is to play with ELD. Once you master the technique, you should be able to have lots of fun!

If you want to adopt any of them back home, be sure that you have enough space to keep them. If you think that they would not occupy much space by having them sleeping next to you. Good for you, dear! Then, please be sure to have enough space to keep the huge box that come with any of them! Hehehe! For those who are not that into male doll, Iplehouse is developing a female doll will fully developed curvy body! There are some sneak peek pictures of that body ONLY on the website. I could not wait to see how she would look like!

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