Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Transformation - Womanlized Jessica by Chewin

About a month ago, Chewin and I had the below conversation.

Chewin: Jessica of Iplehouse is out for order now, are you going to buy her?

Cliff: Oh yea, I saw it. I am hesitating.

Chewin: Why?

Cliff: Jessica is gorgeous! I love her full figure. But her cartoonist look makes me hestiatate on ordering her."

Chewin: You should give Luo a girl friend, Cliff !

Cliff: Yea, I know. However, Luo has a human look, but Jessica is more cartoonist. Do you think they would be a matching couple?

Chewin: Yes, she is. But I could repaint her, remember? I could give her a human like look.

Cliff: I wish I could do repaint like you do. Can’t wait to see your amazing work again!
Macho-lized Luo by Chewin needs a sexy girl friend
The official faceup of Jessica

Really, within a month, Chewin has her Jessica transformed from a childish teenage girl with a fully developed female body into a real woman.

When I saw these pictures of Chewin’s repaint, again, I am speechless. So... no more speaking, let's enjoy Chewin's repaints!

Faceup and body brushing by Chewin

Humm....Jessica...where is your hands? What are you doing?
Picture credit: Chewin,

Monday, September 14, 2009

New Inque - The 1st of 4 Basic Dolls of Superfrock in The Year End

To my good friends, it is not a secret that I have a weakness towards tanned skin dolls. I have a review on the very first African American Superdoll, Inque, in my blog. I was so overwhelmed by her charm. She has the most gorgeous skin tones that I have seen. Although I like her very much, I must admit that her forehead is kind of too long that makes she looks too strong. In another word, in some angles, she looks like a drag queen. It is also not easy to play with wigs.

In about an hour ago, Superfrock has just released another Inque. She has a revised scrulpt and new skin tone. I wonder if her forehead has been shortened or not. Inque is in a show girl outfits, which is very basic. I wish it would be more "bling, bling". The rubber band on her wig is kind of funny to me. Her nipples are painted in gold, and I like this magical touch! In particular, I like her eye make up. She is GBP327.5, which is equivalent to US550. (tax and shipping exclusive), LE200

Product Description:
Gilt & Fortune: First in a series of 4 basic dolls for 2009
  • INQUE clone: 0602, revised sculpt, new skintone!
  • Here she is a delicious dark chocolate coloured deity!
  • Dressed in 'leopard' and bronze tone corselette with hose, heels and neck corset!Includes, strap on tangerine and black ponytail and dollstand.
  • applied glittering nipples and applied eyelashes.*actual production shown .
  • LE200 In stock ready to ship
  • Price: £327.50 (Excluding VAT at 15%)
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It Blows My Head Off - Mad Max Numina Girl, Asher

To those who collect feminine fashion doll and also interested in macho action figures or Sci Fi movies like me, the new pictures of Paul Pharm would really blows our heads off.

Unlike the pass official pictures of Grey that are showing the feminine side of fashion doll, these shoots have given a new definition to what a fashion doll could be – they could look sassy in high fashion, yet could be dominate like action heroines. Pictures speak louder than words, let’s see the powerful shot of Paul’s Numina glamours girl became a Mad Max Lady! The new doll of Paul, Asher, is now available for order at his official website Dollcis
--> US702.5 USA with insured priority (tax might apply)
--> US730 Int’l EMS with insurance (tax might apply)

Product Description:
A bit of the Futurist, a bit of the Mad Max, a bit of the edge, Asher stomps onto the scene in a high collared and pleated wrap dress in sinuous black metallic cinched with a clear obi. Black Banded heels, Deep rose-colored hose and jewelled arm gauntlets set off the bold look with its red and coal eyeshadow and bright metallic silver lid atop high gloss pink lips and asymmetric honeyed curls. And of course all hand painted and blushed by her creator. Limited Edition 50. Please visit the GALLERY to see other images of Asher.Shipping in late September. Full amount will be charged when order is placed. Please note USA buyers, choose Priority Shipping. International buyers, please choose Express Shipping. Charge will appear on your credit card from Datatex Media.
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

How to Keep Your Doll Happy & Clean

It is always a homework for collectors on the topic of how to keep your doll clean and happy. Even though you have your precious dolls displayed inside a glass cabinet with doors or inside their boxes, staining problem, dust collecting are inevitable in a certain extent.

Below is a list of doll care tips by the creator of RDD dolls, Keith. You might have known some of them already, but it is good to have some experts to keep reminding us on what we should do and not to do!


1. KEEP YOUR DOLL OUT OF DIRECT SUNLIGHT AND EXTREME TEMPERATURES: We know how detrimental UV ray can be to our skin, so does it to your beloved RDGdoll.We are currently looking into improving the formulae for the resin we use. So meantime, before we found the magic formulae, avoid prolong direct contact with sunlight and extreme temperatures.

2. TENDER LOVING CARE: I know it sounds ridiculous. But do keep a pair of white cotton gloves handy and when dressing or playing with your doll, use them! You would be surprised how much cleaner your doll stays with your tender care.
3. STAIN REMOVAL (NOT FOOL PROOF though): If your doll does get marks on it or gets dirty from handling, you can clean it up with a Mr. Clean Super Sponge. Dampen the sponge and gently clean. Do be very careful around the face paint as you do not want to end up removing an eyebrow or cheek color if you don’t pay attention!

4. RDG SOCKET "MOTHBALL": Especially for outfits which are cut slimmer at the sleeve openings or hem, we would encourage the use of these little handy "mothballs" to avoid snagging your outfit or worse, snapping the fingers! Carefully pull the hands (hold palms, NEVER fingers!)/feet away from the socket, slip in a paperclip through the elastic band and change the hands to the "mothballs" before pulling the paperclip out.

5. COLOR TRANSFER/ STAINING: Be careful NOT TO leave your doll dressed in dark colors or anything red/navy for too long. These colors are prone to color transfer despite being treated for color fastness. They can sometimes fade and stain your doll's precious garb or even worse, the resin. Mr. Clean Super Sponge can sometimes, but not always, remove this.

6. WIG CAPS: Use a wigcap as much as possible. It does not only help hold the wig in place but it also protects the head from staining from dark colored wigs. A

wig cap like this is about US8-10 (

7. POISE & POSTURE: Use a doll stand unless the doll is sitting. Even dolls that balance beautifully by themselves can tip over and fall off a shelf.