Saturday, September 26, 2009

Amazing Airbrush BJD by Aerodoll

I had been watching this doll's auction since she first came up on eBay. I really admire Aerodoll's styling and technique, I have been checking on their airbrushed dolls for a few years now. Meanwhile, SD16 girl by VOLKS is one of the bigger BJDs on my wish list always, so this cyber look SD16 is a wonderful match of what I wanted. Unfortunately, the bidding price had gone up so high that I could only admire it!! This bid ended at almost US1,800!!! Bravo Areodoll!!!
The offical style of one of the VOLKS SD16, Olivia Morgan
Aerodoll's wonderful OOAK of SD16

FYI: According to Monkia of Areodoll that she and Rafa are now taking very limited number of commission. However, after all the spots are taken, they would stop taking commission in the future. Instead, they would sell their own work through other means, such as on eBay or through their website. There are still some spots left, so if you prefer an OOAK according to your own fantasy, please click here

Picture credit: Aerodoll, Volks

Friday, September 25, 2009

Devin Angel - Indian Deva - Reveal Today!

Since the relaunch of Deva Dolls, it has been arousing lots of discussions in the doll community. It started from finding the sneak peek pictures of the new dolls (or from my blog earlier?) ; disucssion about the bad history of the old Deva company; should people take their risks to buy from the new Deva company, to how thrilled collectors are when they received their new Deva girls! Tian Shi (Chinese angel) and Elfas (Latina angel) were realesed respectively. Collectors confirmed that they worth the money by posting picture on Prego non-stoppingly! Pictures speak louder that words, they are really to die for! Now, the Indian angel will be revealed tonight.

Check out the Deva doll's official website (devadolls) to find out how to purchase one, if you wanted.

"Entrance of heaven will be glamously revealed on this Sept. 25th" That is today! Go! Go!
LE35. Priced at US550. Good luck guys!

comparison pic of Deva, Sybarite and Avant Guard