Sunday, October 25, 2009

"Size Matters!" You Don't Belive It? I Have the Proof!

There are new doll collectors joining the community every now and then. After a while, most of the new collectors would not be satisfied by the defaulted factory arrangement anymore, such as face paint, hair style, default dresses, body etc. Therefore, they would look for ways to create an ideal doll of themselves. Before they could go repaint, re-root or even create their own doll. They would simple going for some parts transplantation amongst what they have on hand. Naturally, one of the most frequently asked questions would be "How to switch head between dolls?" I had that questions a few years back. Helpful experienced collectors told me to use either hair dryer or electricity heating pad to soften the vinyl. Since we do not have the later one available here, so I could only use hair dryer to do so. I have ruined a few Fashion Royalty and Tonner's bodies during the "surgeries". It was either caused by not heating the head long enough, even thought my fingers are all burned and dried up, or by the brittleness of the neck - cracked or broken. Some of them have got upgraded bodies

However, the other problem that I had came across was not able to put some of the softened heads to the new body prepared, even they are from the same line of the same brand. I posed on doll boards and asked for help, mostly said they have never ever came across any problems of such. After numerous attempts, I have finally found out that the head holes are actually vary from doll to doll. Sometimes the holes are too small for the other body that I have to give the head hole a cut to let it in! After that one cut (not cutting any pieces away), the head slided in easily, not wobbly and stays fit! My fingers got burned before I could successfully "transplanted"
their heads

Don't believe what I said? Here is a picture proof of some Tonner heads comparison! Next time if you do the head transplant and came across similar situation to mine, check the size of the head holes and have a cutter ready! Good luck!
Now Seeing is Believing!

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