Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kyra, Jamieshow Doll Review & Body Comparsion

When I first saw Jamieshow dolls in the website of Angelic Dreamz ( about 2 months ago, they launched 4 different face molds at once – Black (Kyra), Caucasian (Jamie), Japanese (Mayumi), Chinese (Ru Yi). There are 4 basic dolls and 4 dressed dolls available for you to choose.

Interesting Market Entry:

Honestly, I did not find Jamieshow dolls too attractive in terms of face moulds. What drew my attention to these dolls was the outdated 2007 Spring/Summer Dior catwalk pieces on this 2009 newly launched dolls. I could not help but thinking what was in the mind of the marketer who tried to make an entrance to this competitive fashion doll market by using some well recognized but yet not as classic as those famous Channel looks of the 50s, nor the latest cutting edge haute couture. (My Thai friend have already made those Dior pieces for his Fashion Royalty (click here) in 2008, Atelier Soda from Thailand also had that made for bigger BJD ( p.116-121, Sep/Oct. 2009 Haute Magazine) a while back. It is ok for private collection but for public selling, it is kind of funny to me! “What is the market positioning of this dolls, and who are these dolls target consumers?” I wonder! (Oops. Sounds like Carrie Bradshaw!!)

Out of Curiosity!

The pictures that George took are actually stunning! They are rich in color with wonderful diorama. However, as an articulated fashion doll lover myself, I was disappointed not seeing the expressive body much from the pictures. To me it seems like they are launching the outfits rather than launching the dolls. Not until later had I found some pictures added in George’s website which showing Jamiedoll’s articulated body, then it convinced me to give it a try. While I was self-negotiating on which doll to buy, my dear friend bought me Kyra as a surprising gift!

[Impression of Kyra]


Kyra arrived in a simple packing box but really neat! She is safely secured in the box with a felted sucking molding plastic case. I love this simple packing which saves us for unnecessary international postage yet secure the doll from any possible “violence” during the travel.

The Outstanding Material :

The promotion says that Jamieshow dolls are made of exclusive eco-friendly resin which is developed by the manufacturer. I have no idea about it. I only know that Kyra has a very unique darkness tone, the finishing is very smooth and solid as RDG’s Camille.

The quality is great especially for dark skin resin BJD. When you order a dark skin BJD, you have to pray to God that your baby would have minimal weld lines. Due to the colored resin property, the weld lines could not be sanded off. Otherwise, there would be different color patches here and there. But I see no weld lines anywhere on Kyra at all. Obviously, it is being buffed thoroughly in the factory. I do not know how they did it. The outcome is amazing. Also, it is easy for dark resin BJD to have marbleized condition. Again, Kyra does not have any problem of such. (Oh well, to be has such problem between figures. However, it does not show unless you use a magnifier.) The only complaint is that Kyra’s surface became shinny during the photo session. It is caused by the grease/sweat/oil from my hands. I wrapped it off with a soft cotton cloth easily. After that experience, as a personal preference, I still prefer a matt finishing dark skin dolls.

Body Comparison :


I really LOVE the detail expressive hands sculpture. When I first saw it on the website, I thought “Hum…isn’t it the same as the War & Peace set of Sybarite?”. Those pictures did not justify the fine details of the real hands. Sybarite’s hand set do not have such human likeness. Jamieshow’s ones are very finely sculpted in details and feminine. You can even see the finger nails. When I test it under the light, it is kind of translucence. I could not stop playing with her expressive hands and taking pictures.

[Body & Wardrobe]

Actually, her body structure is so similar to RDG’s Camille that they are both very articulated. George should have taken pictures of Jamieshow’s body to express its articulation. Jamieshow and Camile have the same double jointed elbows, which enable her to put her hands very closely to her face. The trick is to slide the elbow joint downwards and it would be able to keep the pose gracefully. Since the body structure is almost the same as Camille, I am sure they are made and designed by the same sculptor. From my observation, sculptors have their own preference on certain shapes and looks. The likeliness reviews all.

[Face up]

The look of Kyra actual reminds me of the super model, Iman. She has strong nose and full expressive lips. I wish that they could give Kyra a brighter color makeup to brighten up her feature, such as richer white on her eye white, with lips highlights or even metallic color lips. The default color blended in her dark skin tone and she looks a bit sad to me. Extra Services:

Actually, Jamieshows offers special edition with drilled eye sockets for collectors who enjoy changing the eyes. This special edition is only made-to-order at extra US50 upon special request. “Oh, what a wonderful customer oriented service and interesting market approach!” I told myself. (Oh. Carrie Bradshaw is narrating again!) Usually, according to my experiences, comments and requests could only be entertained after the next round of release launching, if the designer of the doll response fast enough, or they could never been heard. I guess designers have their pride on their own design and concepts, which is not easily be interfered. But Jamieshow responds immediately and took it as a new option! It seems they are very flexible and the designer is listening to customer’s needs.

Oh…the Stand That Is:

The stand is the best amongst all the factory stands that come with dolls. It is the only one that a tiny screw on the side of the pole to able the height level adjustment.

Picture credits: all by Cliff Chan

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