Sunday, January 31, 2010

EID – Female New Clothes Remind Me of “Cat’s Eyes”

"Cat's Eyes" Japanese Animation - '80s
ELD New Leather Fashion - 2010

(Interesting enough, I could not find the original Japanese version from Youtube but this version)
In the 80s, there was a famous Japanese animation called "Cat's Eyes". It is a detective story of 3 sexy sisters. Last week, Iplehouse, a renowned Korean BJD company, announced the new releases of their EID (Elder Iplehouse Doll) Women's clothes which have a great resemble of the Cat's Eyes characters. ELD's dolls and clothes are always with great quality and price. How I wish that all these characters were in 16" tall, and I would get Jessica with big breasts (with choices of big or medium breasts) and have her on that tube top set with lining shinny pants or sexy dynamite!

Picture Credit: Iplehouse


Anonymous said...

Scares me how good job you do.. :)

Greetings from Finland.

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Hello to you from Hong Kong. Nice to receive a comment from Finland!


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