Monday, January 25, 2010

My Very First 2010 Doll - Hum...She is Acutally an Action Figure

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It has been more than 20 days since 2010 has started. I have been thinking of what to write here to make it a good start. Looking back in 2009, most of the dolls in my blog are 16” fashion dolls. So, as a kick-off article for 2010, should I go for a review of a male fashion doll, continue artist interview, or select a 12” fashion doll for some reviews? While I was still struggling on the theme, out of my own surprise, I have bought an action figure but not a fashion doll. What’s more, it is a female action figure but not an armed action figure, which I came across by incident and felt in love at the first sight.

This Cuban American action figure is by Hottoys ( a renowned Hong Kong action figure manufacturer. They are famous in reproducing characters to human likeness. Such as James Dean from The Giant, Marlon Brando from The Street Car Named Desire, Michael and Lincoln of The Prison Breaks, Jack Hillman of Wolverine etc.. The articulation and face sculpture are second to none of any action figures that I have seen so far.

In December of 2009, HotToys released 2 female action figures – Caucasian, Cuban American. They have 28 articulated joints and stand 11” with felt feet, 11.5” with high heel feet, It also included 2 pairs of expressive hands, 2 pairs of feet (felt heels, high heels), a doll stand (it has broken already).

The interesting part is that she has a rubber skin jacket on her upper torso (excluded the hands and arms) to give her a very real touching and human likeness upper body. That also helps to hidden the articulated joints on her adnominal and neck. She has articulated adnominal which enables her to crunch forward and twist to both sides naturally. When I was taking her pictures, I found that l if you do not post it properly, she shows love handle when crunching. LOL!! It is a pity that she could not bend backwards as much as I wanted.

(Oops! She shows a love handle when crunches)

What I like most of this Cuban American doll is probably her gorgeous sexy squeeze full breasts. They could also be moved in different directions. I tried to roll over her skin and found that there are actually inserted with 2 black hard plastics cups inside. No wonder the touching and feeling is so wonderful!

The rubber torso “jacket” also covers her neck joint. Her neck could turn in 360 degrees and lean downwards, upwards, both sides to big angles, yet without looking awkward. Her fingers are sculpted in details and flexible. Her double jointed elbows enable her to touch her own face without sweat. The toes sculpt is elegant with natural look. The inadequate point is the she could not cross her legs.

(the black plastic cups under her breasts)

(Interesting structure of head...seems could face-off)

Her look is so breath taking and 95% looks like Lindsay Wagner to me! It really reminded me of the Bionic Woman action figure that I have when I was a kid. However, there are some tricky points of her head. I pulled off her head and found that it is not possible to have her hair re-rooted. And it seems that if you want to re-root her, you have to first face her off along the hair line, and also take out the white piece of plastic inside the head hole. I wonder why it is designed that way.

In general, this Cuban American girl has an athletic body. Of course, she is supposed to be a female action figures which ready for actions instead of looking gracefully on the catwalk. Anyway, girls will be girls, so she needs clothes. Since this girl’s body shape is so different from the main stream fashion dolls, I thought that my 12” dolls wardrobes would have nothing to fit her. Her body measurement is very similar to ZC girls and Amoury action figure ( I tried to locate Amoury’s website but it is no more existed.) Totally out of my surprise, she could fit in Barbie’s stretchable swimwear. Since her feet are interchangeable, there is no problem in putting on boots of Barbie, My Scene, MZ of Integrity.

I know she is meant to be an action figure. However, when I was taking pictures of her, I subconsciously trying hard to look for her feminine side, which ended up quite erotic! This Lindsay Wagner likeness Cuban American action figure is my 2010 very first doll and is now being transformed from an athetlic female action figures into a fashion bombshell! And doubtless, became one of my favorite girls !!!

Picture credit: All by Cliff Chan
All rights reserved. Please do NOT use any of the pictures or information here for other purposes.


Anonymous said...

She's fabulous and you've made me want one.

Cliff - Hong Kong said...
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Cliff - Hong Kong said...

I am glad that the information in this article could convince you in getting one. You would not be disappointed by this hottie!

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The figure has nipples, this has to be the very first time i see this in my life. Not that am going to buy it or something but it really seems interesting that there are nipples in the figure. can't imagine why.

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