Sunday, February 7, 2010

Can You Resist These Cutie Baby Dolls?

I am never a baby doll lovers. I especially find those half-kid-half-adult look quite disgusting. (A baby should be a baby, a kid should be a kid, an adult ... .hum... could pretend to be young and cutie though! (Haha!) ) However, when I see these baby dolls, I could not help but check the price if I could afford them. My second though was "Oh well...where can I buy them some fashion?"!! I wish they were a real baby sized ones, so that I could easily get them some cool baby fashion!

Marilyn Monor Proceline Doll - US150
Princess Diana Proceline Doll - US150

Scarlett O'Hara- Vivianne - US120

Picture credit: Franklinment

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