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Interviewing a True Artisan, Niramol - Part I

In the end of 2009, I have promised to post my interveiw with a true artisan, Niramol in my blog. Here is the part I of it to share with those who like Nirmol's works. It is always my interest in knowing who the artist is, where he/she is from, and what inspired their creation. It helps me to admire their works from their perspective!
(1) What is your name and how would you like people to address you?
I am Mrs. Niramol Vangtal or you can call me Khun Waew (pronounce as “well”). I am the owner of Sri’s Doll Gallery.

(2) Where are you originally from? Where are you living now? What do you do?
I am Thai and have been living and working in Bangkok where I have my family for a long time. I make doll’s clothes and accessories, decoration pieces for the set themes, as well as special orders from my clients. I could do gold, silver and copper works, fruits crafting, porcelain, ceramic making and painting etc., that is basically, any creations by my hands.
Niramol is very serious about her creation projects
(3) What is your creation’s inspiration?
The inspiration partly came from our imagination, combined with those of the clients. For people who aren’t exactly sure what they want, a private discussion with clients will help me to visualized what they have in mind, the needs, and enable me to narrow it down to a more objective level.

(4) What kinds of fashion doll are you collecting? Which fashion doll impressed you most?
I am so sorry to disappoint you. In fact, I am not a doll collector. But I have a passion to accessorize, and create a beautiful doll with a distinctive character according to what I have in mind. I feel that each of the dolls, like a person, should have his/her own style. They can look very different, strange or beautiful, but still process a unique quality of the individual.

When I was young, my sister gave me a doll as a present. She has a small screw above her belly, which can adjust the length of the hair when turned. Pity I can not remember the name, as I had given it away to my younger sister long time ago. Currently, I have about 30 dolls in my procession such as Barbie, Tylor, Sybarite, Inque, Avant Guard and Deva Doll. I use them as my creation’s models.

The amazing wigs created by Niromal's group
(5) What do you like most about fashion doll?
Ans.: I like changes. A dynamic and forever changing atmosphere of the fashion world challenges more and more creative minds to produce a good quality work to compete in the business. This keeps me on my toes and drives me to always find ways to improve my work.
Niromal's younger sister, Patta, and their creations

------------------- Part II to be Continued ------------

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