Friday, February 19, 2010

Jeremy Voss – Ultra Basic as It is Named

..jeremy-voss-bannerI was happy to see there are finally some new male faces from Tonner since last year. Jeremy Voss is one of those on my “speculation list”. However, the début Jeremy Voss has overly lengthy narrow face and the ultra high waist jeans (is it become fashionable again now?) which stopped me from pressing the “buy it” buttons for many times.

voss & mattvoss & matt handsFinally, I saw the Ultra Basic normal skin blond Jeremy Voss at US54.99 on Tonner Direct website. The official picture of that skin looks like a deep tan one, and Jeremy seems has a better face shape, so after 1 week of consideration, I pressed the “buy it” button finally.


When I saw the real doll, its skin tone is, as described officially, the as same as the normal skin tone of Matt O’Neal. The face is painted in a casual manner and probably not much better than I could do. Another complain is that there are some scratch marks here and there in his body. And the sanding on his body is very rough. It seems that the body was either done in a rush, or it was “thrown” into a big box with all the other massively molded bodies, and it had waited there for a long time before giving a head to put on, so there are many scratches caused by rubbing with other bodies.

7.jeremy-voss-tonner-shirt-side-close-up-goodAs commented by some Pregoers that Jeremy came with a shin spot on the tip of his nose. It is due to the rubbing against the plastic box. Mine, unfortunately, could not be exempted. The packaging is as it is named – Ultra Basic.


voss & esme anglevoss & esme

He is tied on a rectangular transparent plastic box with wires padded with an “ultra” thin slide of tracking paper, which could not be any thinner or tinier. I like simple boxing as it could save the earth and also help to save my postage at the same time. 2.simple-packaging-jeremy-voss But I wish the factory labor would have simply turned the doll head facing to the side during packaging that would help to avoid the shiny spot on the nose.

I had not bought any Tonner dolls for awhile. I guess I could not ask for too much as it only costs US54.99 and it is named - “Ultra Basic” which have already warned me about the quality.

1.ub-jeremy-voss-packagingP.S.: Doll stand is not included in this UB series. It could be purchased at US9.99 at


Craig M said...

awesome blog!
I have to know what doll is that beside Jeremy? I've never had the fortune of finding a hairy chested male doll before. I want!

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Hello Craig,

Thank you for droppying by and also thanks for your compliment!
That doll is an OOAK Matt O'Neal of Tonner. The hair on the body and face was added on him. Also his hair is partically rerooted!

As far as I know there are very very few dolls with hairly body as it is hard for production. However, I do have a Carol (Latino doll from Billy doll series) that has screened on body hair. It looks very sexy and natural!

Craig M said...

Awesome! Thanks so much for the info. :)
That's too bad I'd have to try to basically find an OOAK. :P

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

You are most welcome, Craig...Just one more info for you....This OOAK Matt is anatomically corrected!!! :-P

Craig M said...

That's just awesome! I'd love to see more pics of him. :P