Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year & Happy Valentine's Day with Jacob Black Doll

Kung Hey Fat Choi (Happy Prosperous Chinese New Year) to ALL who celebrate Chinese New Year!

I wish everyone who read this blog a wonderful year of Tiger and live like a tiger - energetic and strong! Economy seems picking up yet rocking from time to time. There is a long way to go for totally recovery, so we need a high spirit to put us through the daily challenges!

Today is not only the Chinese New Year day but also St. Valentine's Day, so to begin this year of Tiger and to celebrate St. Valentine's Day, my first article is about a hot male doll that looks as strong and energetic as a Tiger, and also is a dream man of many girls – Jacob Black of Twilight!
“Twilight” movies are movie box busters all over the world. Most of the main characters have become a rising stars! After the releases of the licensed Twilight dolls of Edward, Bella, Victoria, Laurent and James by Robert Tonner, now another character, Jacob Black (LE3000), would follow shot!

Honestly, none of the released Twilight dolls really attracted me so far. There are many repaints of Edward and Bella in the past year, and I actually started to ignore all the posts in doll boards with the titles like “repaint of Edward” or “repaint of Bella”, just like I got so bored with the repaints of “Angelina Jolie”. Not that I don’t like these actors or actresses, it is just that I am so bored with the same old, same old.

Finally, this Jacob Black Twilight doll raised my interest after the breaking of the news. I don’t particular like the look of Taylor Launter but his resemble doll is a cutie pie to me. Look at his arms! It looks likethe biceps of Tonner’s superhero body on regular Matt body. I also like this face paint and his soft look hair. So far I have yet able to find any rooted or wigged male hair looks natural and soft of this scale (1/3 wigs are with much better quality). You know how different a commercial one could differ from a prototype. So I really wish that the commercial one would look the same as this prototype Jacob.

Jacob Black doll is retailed at $149.99. I think it is slightly over priced with such a simple outfits (not much a different from Ken playline) in particular if it has no other accessories to go with. But considering his amazing biceps and killer look, I guess I would have to say “Yes!” to this male doll!

By the way, it says LE3,000. Question: Could 3,000 pieces could still be called a limited edition?

Jacob by Tonner LE3000 (US149.99)
Meanwhile, Mattel also will release a Jacob Black doll at only US29.95….which is a new face mould with even lesser cloth on.

Jacob Black by Mattel (US29.95)

Edward by Tonner LE3,000 (US135.99)

James by Tonner LE1000 (US189.99)

Laurent by Tonner LE1000 (US179.99)

Victoria by Tonner LE1000 (US179.99)

Picture credit: Tonner, Angelic Dreamz, MTV

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