Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love Is ... Deva Male Doll & Malaika as a Couple

One of this year’s most expected dolls of mine would be the debut of the male doll of Deva Doll. Two weeks ago, Chewin has posted some teaser pictures on Prego about it. He is collaborating with Deva Doll for the faceup of their male doll. Just now Deva Doll website has uploaded some amazingly romantic pictures of their male doll and a light tan skin Malaika (she looks like Tyra Banks) as a couple for this Valentine ’s Day! There are sexy bed shots and outdoor romantic bridal shots of this hot couple. Malaika look amazingly natural and gorgeous in that wig and bridal gown! Does it mean that the male doll and a light skin ton Malaika will be released together soon?

A perfect CK model

These are my favorit shoots

These are the teasers from Chewin

Picture credit: Deva Doll, Chewin

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