Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sensual Antoinette – A Review on Her Body Design

**Warning: Doll Nudity, view at your own discretion **


sensual-antoinette-ultima-skinny-jeanSince her début last year, Antoinette is probably the most successful new line out of many other Tonner dolls. Many collectors are expressing their love about Antoinette and posting lots of pictures of her in the doll boards. antoniette-sensual-tonner-side

To me, Antoinette seems like another similar line to the NYC Ballet Emily but with “soft of” re-engineered body. While compare with other Tonner girls like Tyler and Sydney, Antoinette has a bigger round forehead, bigger hands with spread fingers, feet with longer toes, with smaller boops and mouth; and she is much lighter in weight. When I hold Antoinette on hand, I could feel that she is made of thinner layer of plastic. My Sensual Antoinette has a triangle head shape like Gene. No matter from which angle you see it, it is always in a triangle shape. She has smoky eyes and small mouth with pink lips to match with the pink outfits. Although her skin tone is pale like vanishing cream, she looks very Spanish to me!

anitoniette-sansual-close anontiette-sensual-updo antoniette-sensual-side-heartshape

Antoinette’s body design is quite different from Tyler’s. The biggest difference is the big cut of pieces in between her legs (like Tonner male doll), which enables Antoinette to seat up more properly. But it sacrifices the beauty when she puts on swimming wear or lingerie. Since the posture difference is not that much, I wonder if it worth to do so. When Antoinette is with an elastic ultimate skinny jean, there are 2 big hollows between her legs as when she is naked. The other big difference is Antoinette’s knee caps are like Fashion Royalty’s, so it could swing in and out a little bit for posing. She also has articulated ankles like Matt O’Neal. Again, the moving angles are very limited, so it allows her to point her toes for a little bit only!

sensual-antoinette-skinny-jeansAntoinette on skinny jeans,

there are 2 odd hollows between her thighs


The comparsion of Tyler (left) and Antoinette (right)


The big cut of pieces on the thighs makes her sit up properly


These 2 pictures show the maximum curve and bend of Antoinette antonitte -sensual-kness-angles



Tyler hand (left) Antoniette (right)


Antoinette feet (left) Tyler (right)

















Articulated ankles like Matt O’neal



Picture credit: all by Cliff CHAN

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