Friday, February 19, 2010

"Thewa" is the Deva Homme’s Name

Deva-doll-thewa-in-bed copyDeva-Homme-thewa copy

There is a new mainpage image uploaded in the offical Deva Dolls website. The name of its new Homme doll is reviewed as “Thewa”. This name sounds abit Indian to me. If the pronouncation of “The” of the name is as the “the” of the word “there”, then it pronounces the same as “Deva”. Would it be possible? Does it carry any special meaning like all the female dolls?

Updates: Just got information that "Thewa" in Thai means "Men in Heaven", while "Deva" means "Women in Heaven"! They are Gods of Hindu!

(Thank you very much, P'Jarupan!!)

Picture credit: Deva Dolls

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