Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Pick of 2010 Integrity Fashion Royalty

Fashion Royalty plays an important part of the history of my fashion doll collection. I was so crazy over them from the early till the middle of 2000s. However, their last few years’ releases really disappointed me with the styles as well as the dropping quality and higher price. I have stopped my interested in them. But off guarded, there are several 2010 dolls shine on me! basic 2010 FR spaceball OMG! The dresses look unbelievalbely cheap!

Dress could be simple but not looking cheap. (sign!)


This Dania reminds me so much of

the 60s USA TV show characters

WEB_SoulDeep_Adele_Full_Large0 WEB_CarelessLove_Dania_Full_Large0

This Adele is a Beyonce….I want this one!

The problem of this hair style is that they always looks so great in prototype. But looks awful in the commercialized one.

Also the shape would drop soon after they are exposed in the air!WEB_SoulDeep_Adele_CU_Large0

pink monogram

Never interested in Monogram but this one speaks to me!

Jordan No Jacket 2010

This is Jordan? She is HOT!WEB_flashstar_access_Large0

I like this black floral shoes so much

WEB_Darius_Full_Large0WEB_jordan_full_large0 WEB_flashstar_full_Large0 WEB_Lukas_Full_large0


Suit is never what FR Homme good at.Both suits look so awfully made and ill fitting.

But …

These men bags are must have to me!


Picture credits: Integrity Toys

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