Saturday, March 6, 2010

Reunion of Spinel Set and Minimee Takeshi Faceup by Chewin

Spinel, the Super Gem series of SOOM doll, is a memorable 64cm BJD of mine. I am very fond of his detailed body sculpt and how flexible his body could be. When I first found Spinel online, I wanted him so much. However, the full set is quite costly that I kept speculating it. Until one day I found a nude headless Spinel in China, and I collected it from the owner’s father at an underground station in Shanghai, China. I am very impressed by the real doll and happy that he could share wardrobes with my Latino Aaron by Iplehouse.

spinel with jointed hands bright

Blank Spinel Head with headless body, Normal and Jointed Hands Reunion

Since then, I had been hunting high and low for Spinel’s head and jointed hands to complete this set. Last year, I got a blank Minimee Takeshi Kaneshiro head (my previous blog) which fits Spinel’s body nicely. Chewin repainted it to resemble Takeshi for me. When I almost forgot to hunt for the Spinel head, out of my expectation, in the end of last year, I came across a faceless Spinel head (OMG! The head sculpt is in great details. You can even see the teeth inside his slightly opened mouth) with the help of a new dear Thai friend (a BIG hug to you, Chris!), and then I found the brushed joint hands from China by chance. All the deals went throught so effortless. I could not be happier to have them all reunion and completed the set. Actually, it ended up I paid much more than buying a full set directly from SOOM! But that is fine as it is a kind of experience and excitement of hunting and collecting.

soom - super gem Spinel SOOM articulated fingers SOOM articulated fingers assembles SOOM articulated fingers styles h6

Chewin Repainted Minimee Takeshi

on Spinel Body and Wide Long Wig

soom-doll-body-takeshi-head-pink soom-doll-spinel-suprgem-takeshi Spinel-soom-doll-takeshi-2 Spinel-soom-doll-takeshi The great resemble of Takeshi Takeshi minimee head look alikeTakeshi minimee head look alike 2 spinel-body-soom-the-gem spinel body spinel body smoking spinel-shirt-off Takeshi-chewinTakeshi minimee head look alike 1jpg takeshi-chewin-soom-doll takeshi-in-pink-long-mohair-wig-sideTakeshi-could-be-mos-partiparn takeshi-in-pink-long-mohair-wig takeshi-rock-light takeshi-rock-painting takeshi-soom-body

Picture credit: Cliff Chan, SOOM doll

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