Wednesday, March 24, 2010

See What I Am Going to Have Soon – Feather Wig for Deva!

*** Doll Nudity – View at your own discretion ***

This post is my 100th post of this blog. And, I do not know since when the visitor counter has hit over 100,000 after my last article on Fashion Royalty. Thank you to all those who are following my blog and especially those who have left me with comments and encouragement!!


I am so exciting that this wig for my Deva girls is on its way now. I really like this color combination and the assymetical style. The artist, Jarupan, has made many other feather wigs in different color combinations, length and style. They are all really OOAK to me!

2-deva-feather-wig feather-wig-2-deva feather-wig-back2 feather-wig-deva-girl feather-wig-deva-girl2 feather-wig-for-deva-sideJPG feather-wig-left-side side-deva-doll-

Picture credit: Jarupan

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