Saturday, March 6, 2010

What a Magaic Could Skin Tone Made…

cliff-black-malaika deva-doll-asian-malaika-chewin

Black Malaika vs. Asian Malaika (ChoLin)

We saw the drastical change on the late MJ’s skin tone and the dramatic difference that it made. Now Deva Doll and Chewin gave us another proof – Malika changed from African to Asian. Chewin renamed this repaint as “Cholin” –a very Chinese name. By the time I am writing now, she is on eBay (click ) and has another 2 more days to go for bidding. The currnet bid price is US1,000. It definately worths it and I am sure the final bid would up to US2,000 level.


deva-doll-asian-malaika-chewin-cold deva-doll-asian-malaika-chewin-red-long-wig deva-doll-asian-malaika-chewin-bob deva-doll-asian-malaika-chewin-red-gown deva-doll-asian-malaika-chewin-bracelet deva-doll-asian-malaika-chewin-red-gown-sitting deva-doll-asian-malaika-chewin-red-gown-full1 deva-doll-asian-malaika-chewin-lantarnjpg deva-doll-asian-malaika-chewin-sweater

Picture credit: Chewin, Cliff Chan

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Anonymous said...

She still can pass for a very light skinned African to me, she looks like my receptionist at work.