Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lukas – in Deva OOAK Wig…You'll Never Know Unless You Try it On!"


Lukas from the Nu Face of Fashion Royalty is alway my no.1 favorite male face mould! His strong feature is like a Roman sculpture with great mood and attitude! I am so glad that I have bought this Style Strategy Lukas off evilBay at a good price!


I got bored tonight, so I decided to let Lukas try on an assymetic layered OOAK Deva wig for fun. I found it quite cool! It gave Lukas a totally new look with very different mood!

Who would know that a 16” female doll wig would look cool on a 13” tall male doll! You would never know what it really turn out to be like unless you dare to try it on!!

IMG_1428IMG_1429 lukas-fashion-royalty-style-startegyIMG_1440 lukas-fashion-royalty-closeup lukas-style -strategy1lukas-side-profile-fashion-royalty lukas

Picture credit: Cliff CHAN

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Anonymous said...

I love Lukas ! Just ordered him..

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Congrats! I am looking forward to get a Modern Citizen in a good price. Nude is fine with me! Also...wonder when would JW release a tanned skin Lukas!!

Hady Sabbagh said...

you're very lucky guys..... you have your own fashion royalty doll... but me, i'm searchin' everywhere here in our place, but i dont see yet.. and even if i see one, i can't afford it..... i like fashion royalty dolls... i'm addicted to them.....but i cant have one...huhuhuhuh :( ... i hope someday, i can have one... (pls. lord) :)