Friday, April 30, 2010

More On U-noa Quluts 2nd & U-noa Freak 2

Since the arrival of Mocha U-noa Quluts 2nd last week (previous blog link here), she has been standing next to my notebook PC on my working desk. This doll is totally new to me and I don’t know much about her. So, I decided to get familiar with her by buying a newly released book by its sculptor, Gentaro Araki, called “U-noa Freak 2”.

U-noa Freak 2

It has been 5 years since vol. 1 is issued. With a creative mind like the gifted Gentaro, the cover of this book is also very creative. The book cover is actually an illustration on BJD painting BJDs by Gentaro himself. It is further wrapped by a plastics cover jacket with very rich black floral print on it. When it is wrapped on the magazine, the nude and bald BJDs became dressed up and wigged.


In this “U-noa Freak 2”, there are many full color pictures of various boys and girls U-noa, plus some cloth patterns. The most interesting parts of this book to me are (1) the step-by-step tutorial on the face-up of U-noa Zero and Chibi (it means “shorty” in Japanse) “Lilin”; and how to assemble U-noa Zero (2) The body articulation evolution history illustrated with many drawings and pictures. Gentaro gives me very clear ideas on how the bodies are engineered and why they are made in such ways.


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Besides, there are some mails orders available on U-noa parts, accessories like wigs, shoes, faceplates, or even a no face assembled U-noa through this magazine only. Unfortunately, it only sells domestically. Meaning that you have to have a Japanese address and paid in Japan.

iguh zero6 zero1-1zero2-1

zero3-2 zero4 zero5


Data on Mocha U-noa

As Mocha U-noa Quluts 2nd has a unique body measurement, I don’t have a wardrobe ready for her. Therefore, I searched online and found the information below (not official but a collection of data from here and there):


17” DeeAnna Denton boots fits

18” CED shoes too small and too tight

18” Kitty Coolier shoes fits really well.

22” tonner model shoes may fits, but some may be too big

22” Joe Tai’s boots fits

No for Gene, Tyler, Sybarite, Jamieshow, Deva, Avant Guard


5-6” Monqiue Golden Collection


8mm eyes


Some Franklin Mint outfits, Dollmore 16”. But it various from outfits to outfits.

U-noa 2.0 Body Measurement:

Height 43cm

Head 14cm

Bust 17.5-18cm

Waist 11m

Hips 17-17.5cm

Neck 6cm


Here is a wonderful link how to assemble U-noa: • View topic - [ U-noa Quluts 2.0 ] Assembly Guide

Pictures credit: Gentaro Araki

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Terri Gold said...

The book looks amazingly detailed and informative. Unfortunately I could only read the English headings. Why do they put anything in English at all?
Do you have these dolls?

Cliff - Hong Kong said...


The book is all in Japanese as the artist, Gentaro Araki, is Japanese.
I only have Mocha U-noa, which is the DollyBird Magazine exclusive as mentioned in my blog. She is 42cm tall with amazing body!