Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rich Mom, Rich Daughter – JW Crossed Over with Taiwan Lingerie Label on Eugena Doll Set

Taiwan famous body reshape lingerie Venus Secret crossed over with Jason Wu and released a small breast (as I could see from the pictures below) Eugena doll. This exclusive doll set will be given for FREE for purchase on specified items which worth totally NT60,888 (original priced at NT78,000) which is equivalent to US1,930. This Mother’s Day promotion period is from 8th April – 9th May. It says that this Eugena doll set is limited edition but does not mention how many are available! Jason-wu-venus-secret-taiwan-exclusive-eugenaPromotion Contents

Promotion (a) during the promotion period, when you shop with your mother, mother-in-law or grandmother, your mother, mother-in-law or grandmother would be able to enjoy buy 1 get 1 free privilege.

Promotion (b) is with the purchase of specified items which worth NT60,800, you would get that free Jason Wu Eugena set.

Who are their target customer groups?

I am sure many Taiwanese people know Jason Wu because of Michelle Obama. However, how many who are so RICH and wearing body reshape lingerie would appreciate a free Jason Wu’s Integrity Doll? A big question mark from me!

Fashion Royalty probably has a big market in Europe and USA, but surely not in South East Asia.

People here mostly never heard of Fashion Royalty or collecting any dolls at all. Those who do not know about Fashion Royalty would only think that it is another cheap Barbie doll!! Most likely they would give it to some children who would chew Eugena’s head off, ripped off her lingerie and throw her into water within a minute. I would think those rich moms, rich daughters would appreciate some free redemption coupons instead!

To those who realize the value of this Eugena and do not wanted it should put her on EvilBay to get some money back to lubricate their badly dried up wallet! Ha! Ha! OR... ....give it to me ... I am a well behaved guy (um...most of the time not though! :-p) who would not rip her apart. Instead, I would treasure her and her Venus Secret!!


NDR: The artist on the promotional page is the top Taiwanese artist called “Xiao S” who is a mother of 2 children. She is famous on her big mouth with no boundary and great body shape and fashion sense. Her elder sister is also one of the top artists who always appears on Taiwanese TV series and movies in Hong Kong.

Picture credit: Venus Secret


Terri Gold said...

Because you know the language, it would be interesting if you could interview the store after the promotional ends and find out how many participants they had and what the reaction to the doll was. In addition, find out if you can get a doll for me. Hehe. I'm not really kidding.

Cliff - Hong Kong said...


Thank you for dropping by and leaving me a great suggestion!

I would love to see this champaign result too! Not sure if they would let me review the "actual" market feedback though!