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Unoa Mocha Story – If She Meant To Be Yours, She Would Be Yours (updated with assemble map – 28 April)

* Warning: Doll Nudity. View at your own discretion *

unoa-lying-downCollecting is like that, your want it, you buy it, you regret, you sell it, you regret and then you buy again. The history keeps repeating itself.

Sometimes, you wanted a doll so badly, you almost robbed a bank to buy it, then you lost your interested in it and then you decided to get rid of it!  In another occasion, you are so hesitating in getting a doll; you look at its pictures almost everyday and wishing for a money tree at the same time. You lurk, and don’t know when your attention is driven by new sensation to other directions, and then gradually you forget about it. 

One day, the once-so-wanted doll knocking at your door and it evoked your interest again! Without a second though, you snapped it like a feezibee to a dog! Mocha U-noa by the talented Gentaro Araki 荒木健太郎is a doll like that to me as in the latter occasion.


My Encounter with Mocha U-noa

My first encounter with Mocha U-noa was probably way back in 2007-2008. “Mocha U-noa DollyHoney Face” is a very rare 16” mature body BJD by Gentaro Araki. Together with “Cream U-noa DollySweet Face”, Mocha U-noa is the Dollybird Magazine exclusive lottery doll – Quluts 2nd. It comes with 2 blank faces - one open mouth with teeth, and one with a smiling face. You are required to assemble it by yourself and part lines are not being handled.


Unoa-Quluts-2-bikini The moment I saw Mocha, her skin tone and ultra smooth sexy body line really hit me hardly. Even though I am not into cartoonist teenage faces, this U-noa just connected with me without much effort. In the past few years, I have got 3 offers from different sellers. But I just could not afford her. When I have totally forgot about her and devoted most of my attentions to Deva girls, U-noa Mocha decided to show Deva girls some charisma of her!

Mocha showed up when I was online one day. Honestly, and no offense, the pictures of Mocha by the seller are not attractive at all, yet I could not help but clicked on the pictures to check out the price and details. This time, the price is right and I decided to buy it without much consideration. The deal went smoothly but took so long for the completion. When I was on my business trip in China, Mocha arrived at Hong Kong from Australia and waited patiently for me on my office desk.unoa-hands-close-to-faceunoa-mocha-angel

When I opened the box, Mocha almost felt off … probably she had been waiting for so long! Honestly, she is not exactly what I have expected! The faceup is so-so, too teenager look and the skin tone are not as “mocha” as in the official pictures. However, after handling her for a while, Mocha has warmed me up!

What She Could and Could Not Perform

Lately, higher quality and better designed dolls entered the market one after another. Most of them are with more articulations. After all these years, I have learnt more about dolls and their body engineering, what make them articulated and what hidden them! Just in a few years’ time, Mocha’s body articulation seems kind of outdated.

She could sit upright perfectly and gracefully, no doubt. But she has a one piece torso design and does not have ball joints on the upper part of her legs. Therefore, when she crosses her legs, you need to put something on her back to support her and she could not sit with her legs wildly opened. I am not sure if it is due to the stringing problem or not, she flips back and forth sometimes! I dare not restringing her as the string inside seems very thin and I am not sure where could I get a replacement! Her legs could only bend for 90 degrees, and no ankle articulation.


Having said that Mocha has special designed elbows which allow her hands to bend closely and she could touch her own face and freeze the pose! The rails crafted under her head and the stopper on her neck helps to stable her head movement (but mine is always head down which might be caused by the stringing method. At the back of her heels, there is a small bar on each side to keep the shoes in place.Unoa-cross-hands

The elbow design allows U-noa

to pose nautrally like human being!unoa-elbow-joints


Unoa-backGentaro Araki Knows It Best

You can tell how much Gentaro Araki knows about woman’s body from Mocha! What I really like on Mocha is her perfectly smooth sexy bikini body line. Her fully developed breasts which shows gravity, her stream-line shaped thighs (some dolls’ sculpts are only with one straight line), the subtle yet shown knees caps and ankles, the realistic look sole of her feet, they all look perfect and sexy to most men! Gentaro is a renowned illustrator, writer, painter,  photographer, as well we all know, a very talented doll artist! I am sure his professionalism allows him to pay attention to those details.  20100427161918808_0001  unoa-assembleuno-assemble-map unoa-upper-nude       unoa-juliet-2 unoa-juiletunoa-hands  unoa-heels unoa-legs  











Mocha’s breasts, hands and feet are much bigger than other fashion dolls, and she has a longer legs! Therefore, she definitely could not share shoes with other girls but would be able to share some of the Tonner and Sybarite’s wardrobe. Her head is also big when compare with Deva, JamieShow, Sybarite, even with Tonner girls. Because of that, she could not mix with my other girls. Mocha obviously demands my full attention to her!

unoa-vx-avant-guraddeva-vs-unoa-fullunoa-vs-avant-gurad-fulldeva-pharatee-vs-unoa-mocha uno-eye-sizeunoa-quluts-2-head uno-gentaro-araki-mocha

Picture credit: Cliff CHAN, Gentaro Araki

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