Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tom of Finland – Not Necessary Only Leather! He Could Be Fashionable Too! (scroll all the way down for pictures)

Today is my birthday(5th May), so I would like to pose something special and alternative for a change! Yet, it is a fashionable doll!


Collecting fashion dolls are fun! However, when you could not find your dolls some wardrobes and especially shoes, it is always a discouragement on keeping them. I have got this Tom of Finland probably 5 years ago. His signature body shape makes it hard to be a fashion doll. Therefore, most of time, he is in his default style - leather.



I could not remember since when I found Tom the hip hop jacket and pants by ripping them off from Jason Siu’s Money Playground action figure. And, I got a pair of mustard color shoes and a pair of white and brown shoes from Thailand a few years back which was originally intended for Matt O’neil. Although Tom does not have splitted toes, I got him a green slipper from a local action figure series called “Two Hits Six” (meaning “nobody” in Cantonese slang). A friend of mine begged me to sell them off to him for his Tom. It is really not easy to find this figure proper wardrobes, so I have to say no to my dear friend (So sorry, Alex!).


This chain is one of my favorable accessories of all


A few months ago, my dear friend, Alex gave me a pair of purple Crocs for my other action figure named Ryoutsu Kankichi 兩津勘吉. But this Crocs shoes also fits Tom perfectly. Two days ago, I bought another pair of trendy slipper in black. It is made of rubber but the quality is just so-so. Tom could slipped in by squeezing in a little bit. On the same day, I also bought a nice print black T-shirt for him and it looks so cool on him! Too bad that in fear of staining his limbs, I could only put it on him for pictures and then take it off right away. Isn’t the staining problem a party booboo?


crose-for-tom-of-finlandcrose-for-tom-of-finland-2 fashion-for-tom-of-finalndIMG_1687tom-of-finland-back-pantstom-of-finland-fashion

The zippers are really workable

and it could turn into a short pantsIMG_1613 IMG_1620 IMG_1627IMG_1621 IMG_1631 IMG_1652 IMG_1671 IMG_1673 IMG_1674 IMG_1685 IMG_1690 IMG_1693 IMG_1694 IMG_1696 IMG_1681OOAK-tom-of-finland ooak-tom-of-finland-2 repaint-tom-of-finland tom-of-finland-back tom-of-finland-half-nakedtom-of-finland-chain tom-of-finland-on-chain tom-of-finland-sideyou-too-tom-of-finland

Picture credits: Cliff CHAN

Please do NOT use any write up or pictures without prior writing for permission!

Tom of Finland Doll


charlino said...

Action figures rock! Excellent article.

Cliff - Hong Kong said...


Thank you very much! Yes, I am focusing on fashion doll but could not just ignore other action figures. I still have 20ish of them somewhere in the boxes in my tiny apartment! :-p

Are you also collecting action figures?

Frjunkie81 said...

Holy I love your custom one with hair! he is awesome! I love the clothes? did u have them made or just from other lines! I would love to have some clothes for mine!

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Frjunkie81: Thank you very much for dropping by, dear!

As mentioned in my article that those outfits are either ripped off from Jason Siu's action figure series called 'Money Playground" 9please click on the link there for the original picture), or buy from the market - such as the black printed T-shirt! The T-shirt ones has no brand. It is just one of those made for action figures collectors!! The red T-shirt is from Carols of Billy doll series. Hope the above information helps!

Terri Gold said...

Tom is on the freaky side but he sure is well-dressed. Fantastic!

Cliff said...

Terri: Thank you for dropping by! How do you like the pictures? I am very pleased with the outcome myself!

KasualChatter said...

Hello Cliff, chance upon your blog when I was casually looking for Billy dolls! Ahem! Nevertheless, the search then lead to Tom of Finland and then to you! Boy am I glad! Am still reading thru you entire blog from present, and now that I have reached to Tom, thought I'll drop you a note. Continue what you are doing!! Good job and EXCELLENT dolls!

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

KausalChatter: Thank you very much for your kind words and encouragement! I am glad you enjoy reading my blog! I will do my best and please stay tuned for more dolls and news!

andrew said...

how did you make the tom doll with the long hair? i LOVEE it!

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Andrew: Thank you for dropping by. This hair need some work. The hair is glued on top of the original plastic hair bit by bit, and then trimmed in the way it is now!
p.s.: It is not done by me but by the talented Chewin in Bangkok as a birthday gift to me!

John Russel Jones said...

Hey, this may sound a little silly, but how do you change him? We just got one, and I can't figure out how to get the T-shirt off! Do the arms come off, too, the way the feet do? I'm afraid to break him.

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

John Russel Jones: Thank you for dropping by! Take off the T-shirt of putting on a T-shirt really take some effort. I am not sure that I am doing the right thing though....Here is what I did:
(1) To take off : take the head off, open valco on the side of the white T that came with Tom, put his hands up in the air and then slowly roll it up. Since that T is stretchable, you can do it ok.
(2) To put on a tight T: ONLY the very stretchable/loose T-shirt could put on Tom...just reverse how you took off his T-shirt.
I hope that help!

BTW: I know some OOAK artists took off his arms but I would not dare to do so!