Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Twilight Jacob Black (Tonner) Character Figure Arrived Today

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The Tonner Jacob Black doll of the Twilight Saga arrived this morning. I was very excited when I read the news of this licensed doll by Tonner (click here for previous article) earlier this year.

However, when I de-boxed it, I am quite unhappy with the whole doll. My concerns in my previous article about this doll have, unfortunately, become true.


jacob-black-tonner-taylorjacob-black-tonner j black-tonner4

Cutting Corners:

Firstly, Jacob Black looks like a very cheap doll with very cheap outfits. The sleeveless T-shirt, the jeans (high waist!)could not be any cheaper. The shoes are simply one piece of thin layer rubber with tiny string “pretended” to be shoes lace. Although I like the light weight and simple packaging, the box and shipper are beaten severely when it arrived. It seems to me that the paper quality is not as tough as the DC Stars boxes. The whole doll project is obviously works of cutting corner in every possible way. (Note: The cowboy hat and sun glass in the pictures here are NOT from this set)




The meaty infant look face of this doll does not resemble Taylor much. (I tried to take pictures from its side to avoid showing his meaty face) It is cute alright but not what I was expected for.  From the side portrait, it looks like Akira, the famous Japanese animation character.  I expected it looks more like a human being and mature than a child. Originally, I though that the high light of this doll could  have been the tattoo on his right shoulder. Unfortunately, the sticker is glossy which does not look natural. You can even spot the shiny rim around the tattoo.

black-tonner2jacob-black-tonnerjacob-black a


Is It Too Much To Ask For?

This Super hero body dolls by Tonner are either with stiff fist hands or totally opened flat hands. This Jacob doll comes with straight open hands. I have to pull his hand with force in order to insert his thumb in the jeans pocket. I wonder why Tonner could not make one with a natural hanging fingers or one that could let it hold something. Is that too much to ask for?

jacob-black-tonner d

jacob-black-tonner f

 Another Lesson Learnt:

With US149 that I have paid for this doll, it is definitely over priced. I would not want to pay more than US70 for this set. I should have taken my friend’s advice to wait for a few months for the bargain sale or the dumping in the 2nd hand market. After all, it has 3,000 pieces made.  Some people may argue that Tonner has to pay for the license fee! But how come Mattel could have his Jacob Black doll made and retailed at only US29.9? 

  black-tonnerablack-tonner8 black-tonner9        jacob-black-tonner e   jacob-black-tonner i    jacob-black-tonner x 


Just found the the color paint of the shoes sole stick on the doll stand.

Black Character Figure by Robert Tonner for Tonner Doll Co.

Picture Credit: Cliff Chan

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