Thursday, July 29, 2010

Alex Signature Collection Styled by Jason Wu or Another Spin off Line by Integrity Doll? – Part I

Madam Alexander has just officially announced its Alex Signature Collection styled by Jason Wu. There are 3 dressed doll (US149.95), plus an accessories set (US99.95)available for pre-order now. It is actually not the first collaboration between Madame Alexander and Jason Wu. Last year (or early this year?), some of the MA’s 21” Cissy dolls were styled by Jason Wu as well. 

Alex signature collection

The promotion poster by Angelic Dreamz

“Luxe Finishings” is an accessory set, doll is not included.

Although it launched that Alex has totally new face and body sculpt, none of the 4 official pictures could show us any face or body details.  What an interesting launching.  Maybe the focus point is not the doll itself but more on “styled by JW”.  Honestly, when I first saw the pictures a few weeks back, I thought that it was another line by Integrity.  I am not a fan of Alex at all. She has very thin limbs and oversized head and eyes to me!  However, it is Alex’s signature and differentiate itself from the competitors.  Now it just look like another similar line spin off from Fashion Royalty.  I would be happy to see clear face and nude body pictures soon!


The above is actually the accessory set, doll is not included.

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Anonymous said...

CLIFF the face pictures are on our site now, for your readers here is a link:

If you click on More details there are also detailed pictures of the accessories.

George G
Angelic Dreamz

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Hi George,

Thank you very much for the updates. I have also posted the other article with those closeup pictures!