Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Breakthrough Way of Playing Vinyl Head on Resin BJD Body – Jamieshow

I love the face mould of my Tonner Daphne and Sydney but I could not be satisfied by their very plastic look stiff bodies. My attention has given to more articulated Jamieshow and Deva girls these days!   I have fun in posing them, twisting them in most of the ways that I wanted to!  So Dap and Syd are kind of idle in the corner. I guess they are looking at us having fun and being jealous and upset!!  Poor girls!

BUT WAIT!!!  Their fate could face a twist now!

Angelic Dreamz Yahoo Group has just revealed a breakthrough way of play hybrid dolls created by Jamieshow – Just by using an adaptor, you would be able to transplant your favourite vinyl head into a very articulated ECO resin made BJD.

Now, I could upgrade my favorite Tonner girls’ heads into the articulated Jamieshow girl body!  I wish Jamieshow would also release Esme skin tone body in the future!  

Body-4Body-1  Body-7 Body-8 Jamieshow-vinyl-body-replacement

Just a simple tool, you would be able to have more fun with a more realistic look articulated resin BJD doll! Jamieshow-vinyl-body-replacement-hands

“OMG!  OMG!! I could move so freely and naturally now! 

I could flex and I could curve!!

I could even touch my own face, do my own makeup and comb my beautiful hair now!”


Picture credit: All by Angelic Dreamz (

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Anonymous said...

this looks great! thanks for sharing it. one question: can these jamieshow bodies wear the same size tonner clothing daphne & friends could??

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Yes, I.B.
They can share shoes and most of the 16" clothing of Tonner and Sybarite! Some may not be perfect fit as Tonner is boarder. I put the bar of Brenda on Jamieshow, it is a bit too loose. Then I put AG's silver jacket on top and it looks just great. In one of my early entry about Jamieshow black girl (Her name is Late) in my blog here, she wears that Brenda bra, AG's outfit and Sybarite's long golden boots!

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Hey, I.B.

Here is the link where you could find more pictures and information.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much!
i love checking out your blog regularly. (=

Cliff - Hong Kong said...


You are most welcome. I have just got the news that Jamieshow has modified this body which could fit in Tyler & Friends' outfits even better than the 1st and 2nd generation bodies!!