Monday, July 12, 2010

Glued Back the Eyelashes of Deva

I am surely not alone, all Deva collectors would have to face the fact that the eyelashes come off easily no matter you are changing their cloths, putting wigs on or off etc.

My Malaika has single blue eye lashes for a long time and I honestly think that she is kind of cool with that wild asymmetric look!  Until I have 2 other Deva girls having the same situation, then it is no more fun. I know how to do it by reading instruction here and there online but never put it into action.  Thanks to my good friend Angela Kam in Canada, she sent me 2 tips of gluing doll eyelashes tonight. So I did decided to do by myself regardless what.

I am so happy that I have tried it out, thought they are not perfectly done!  Sooner or later, the eyelashes would fall again, so I am now in my comfort zone on such “operation” and surely would do it better and better!!

 IMG_2189 Apsara lost her left eyelashes, Tian Shi lost her right

IMG_2190Kitchen paper to put the glue on, a tweezers to hole the eyelashes, I don’t have tooth pick, so I cut a cotton bug stick sharp to help apply the glue on the base of the eyelashes  IMG_2194

Their eyelashes are back!!!

But it took me much longer time to fix the one on Tian Shi than I thought it would.

However, it took far much lesser time when I did it on Apsara.

Practice Makes Perfect!

They both look cool and happy again!!

IMG_2197 IMG_2200 IMG_2203 IMG_2204 IMG_2205 

Picture credits: All by Cliff CHAN
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Anonymous said...

OMG, Cliff... your APSARA is TDF!!! Hope that one day I can get to buy her when she is released by DevaDoll. {{Hugs}} Teryl ;)

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Thank you very much, Teryl.
The previous Apsara looks alike Tian Shi. When I first saw them I could not distinguish them. But the new Apsara has a very different mood from Tian Shi even from the other Deva girls....She is more like a sweet girl than a bitxh (which I like in a doll too..hehee!)