Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Haute Doll Magazine Officially Saying Goodbye – I Am Not Sad At All!

*** First of all, I MUST state that I do not like to bad mouth people and never do it in my blog.  My blog is supposed to be a fun and happy one about my collection experiences and my perspectives about it. 

But the ending of HD magazine just brought back my bad memories with them and I just wanted to tell the truth from my perspective and experiences with them.  Please also read the comments section too! ***

There have been discussions and talks about the termination of Haute Doll Magazine in doll boards lately.  I received their official e-mail announcement this evening to confirm this issue.  The problem is there are some people who have just renewed their subscription or have just started with them in order to buy their exclusive dolls! 

I liked this magazines and had subscribed for 4 years in total, but during the last subscription, I had a bad experience with them. First of all, the magazines never arrived on time. I could only receive the magazine when the next issue is almost out! I would not be able to read any new information or any HD exclusive doll previews at all. 

My Bad Bad Experiences with HD:

Firstly: I bought Sybarite exclusive from them. After the doll arrived, I found that I was like over charged like US30 (forgot exact amount) on postage. I wrote to them about it and they said it was the custom duty that they had to paid from China to USA!  I was totally stunned!  Why would I need to pay for that?  What if the dolls had to rerouted from other ports, do I need to cover all their costs and duties as well?  Do I need to pay for any strength that you ever used or even their toilet paper at the office?

Secondly: I know that I am not the only overseas subscribers having problem with them.  Actually, the last 3 issues of my subscription never came. When I wrote to them about my case, they gave me cold shoulders.  They only sent me ONE copy after they had collected the past issues back from the stalls.  Then, the next issue did not come also, I wrote again and they just said “seems your address has problem!” and never take my case seriously or look into the case at all.  My mailing address is the same as before and never changed. Instead HD suggested me to pay more to upgrade the mailing. What the heck!  I have already paid double for overseas mailing, which always arrived like 2 months after it is published.  So, doubtlessly, I did not renew my subscription, and THANKS GOD FOR THAT!!!!

Below is the official announcement from Haute Doll Magazine:

Dear Valued Partner:

We wanted you to be among the first to know that after many wonderful years of publishing Haute Doll, we have decided to turn the publication over to Madavor Media/Doll Reader. Our last issue will be July/August, 2010. We have decided to retire and go on to new adventures.
We know that Doll Reader will provide a great home for Haute Doll and will continue publishing Haute Doll within the pages of Doll Reader as a special supplement. Doll Reader has a strong reputation and following within the world of dolls and has the largest circulation of any doll publication. Their editorial content is written by world-renowned experts, and they keep the doll enthusiast up-to-date with the latest happenings.

The first issue will be included in the October issue of Doll Reader. Madavor is committed to serving all current subscribers and will provide you with additional audience of passionate, enthusiastic and loyal
doll subscribers within their Doll Reader to expand your reach.
Madavor Media publishes other titles and manages trade shows including IDEX – the premiere trade show for dolls, bears and other fine gifts. These publications and shows are No. 1 in their respective fields in the collectible, sports, music and enthusiast markets. Through its print and digital magazines, trade shows, Web sites, e-mail newsletters and other partnerships across the publishing industry, Madavor offers unique ways to communicate with passionate consumers who are eager to learn more about products and events that support their interests.
We thank you for your support of Haute Doll over the years and have enjoyed working with you. We are excited that through Doll Reader, Haute Doll will be able to continue to provide excellent content and
beautiful photos of the most fashionable dolls in the industry.
If you have any questions about your subscription, please contact Madavor Media’s subscription department at 1-800-437-5828 or 617-706-9110.

Warm Regards,
Marlene Mura and Karen Caviale
Publishers, Haute Doll


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the horrid customer no-service.
I thought that the magazine was getting smaller and the articles were slowly being weeded out.
Instead it became a Syb "art" layout mook.
I do think its getting worse as I find Doll Reader to be insipid. It seems like the fashion doll and the bjd doll person can only get quality and quantity information from the web only, any more.

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Hi Ann,

I agreed with what you said too! They had become a PR of Superfrock.

Meanwhile, they just did not care what readers think...Closing down is only a matter of time.

Once they featured an OOAK artist who has scammed so many people's money, esp when she launched the "angel tree" charity for some poor children. Quite a number of discussions about this cheater had been going on Prego and probably other doll boards. So, someone organized all of the victims and let each one of us write our story in a letter and then sent them all to HD's editor. I think there were at least 10 individual letters collected and sent to them. We also complained that they should had done their own research before they decided to feature any artist. And we wanted HD to announce something in their magazine to warm their readers who might not read doll boards like Prego. We tried to prevent any others being scammed again!

But HD did not reply to us or gave us any responds in this issue....

SO...as I have commented on their termination on publishing..."I am not sad at all!

london peony said...

I stopped buying Haute Doll Magazine years ago, shortly after they decided to terminate Barbie Bazaar, their sister publication. I did not find that Haute Doll had anything of interest for me, 1:6 collector. I just discovered the news of their ceasing publication today, as I saw a copy of what I can only assume is their last issue on my local magazine store's shelf last week. It is disappointing that there are fewer and fewer print publications to choose from, but I too am not sad about their goodbye.

Inma said...

Hi! I'm an Spanish doll collector and also a Haute Doll buyer. The last issue arrived home very late. However, I must say that I've enjoyed so much reading this magazine for years. And i'm gona miss it...
As a subscriber, nowadays I'm reciving Doll Reader + HD.  Doll Reader is a good publication too, but the included HD is so boring now, I don't like it at all!!!
HD has lost its style, and contents are poor and skinny....

Its a sad ending for this "haute" Magazine.....

Best regards from Spain :)

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

London Peony: Like minded, dear! Online information would be more inspiring, so we do not necessary need a printed magazine! Just my humble opinion!

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Hola Inma! How are you? Thank you very much for leaving your comment here. I think it is not very good of them to merge DR and HR without conducting a market research or getting subscribers' consenceous! I think it is not business ethnically correct to transfer HD reader to DR at their own discretion.