Monday, July 12, 2010

Idealian by Soom Doll --- Didn’t They Announce Not to Product This Doll? Now There It Is! What a Nice Surprise!!

I was disappointed when Soom Doll announced that they had to cancel their production plan of their Idealian (click here for previous post) in October 2009.  Idealian is the doll series with wonderful muscle man body & manly head sculpt plus finger prints on each finger.


Can You See The Finger Prints?

When I checked back its website during this weekend, I was surprised to find that it has already been produced and released not one doll but TWO in a roll – Pangen Invoker, Branon. They are both sold out now. However, it seems that there would be more to come with 2010.

Barnon-idealism-faceI think the skin tone and sculpture of Branon (the one with longer hair)  & Invoker (the one is white fur wig) are really impressive. 

I prefer the human look of Branon to comic look Invoker.  Branon as in the pictures is the 2nd release of Idealian after Pangen - Invoker (the one in fur wig) and it is US745 blank.  Besides the eyes, wig, outfit, face up, body brushing options like most of the Korea BJDs are, there are also options on Hero Parts and Janus Part.

Barnon-idealism-tanned-muscled-body-soom-dollThis Idealian series is definitely a “strong” competitor to Iplehouse’s EID series!  I have a Super Gem of Soom doll. But Idealian has an even more masculine body, more details to the “Invisible” part, and designed the joint ergonomically.


   Barnon-idealism-soom-doll-introduction Barnon-idealism-identity barnon-idealism-soom-doll1 Barnon-idealism-soom-doll-cool-style   Barnon-looks-like-LUO Barono-idealism-soom-doll-face  Ke37EojNm1tkAIScT2xHCmksL1dmFBx3


Picture credit: Soom Doll (click here for Idealian page))

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