Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It Is Now Official On-line With Dolls & Fashion Varieties – The-wa, Deva Mall Doll Debuts

thewa-asian-look-male copyIt is official that The-wa, the debut male doll of Deva Dolls’ Homme series will be online for sale on 16th July 2010.  Selling time is not known yet.  The debut one is an Asian face mold with Asian complex skin tone. It is LE30 and priced at US585. It says Deva dolls uses a new resin for for molding which has flexible property that allows for long lasting handling.

Thewa-deva-male-doll-for-sale copy

The basic The-wa will come with wig, tank-top, underwear, stand, 2 hands set...but no shoes.  The fashion and wig that we see on the “fashion page” would be sold separately and details to be announced in the later stage.

I found this The-wa doll really comes in great proportion and the “realistic” sculpture is amazing. It comes very very very close to be the perfect male doll of 17” scale to me. Below are all the wonderful pictures captured from the Deva websites. I really like how Apr, the photograph, took the pictures and the whole diorama setting is wonderful!

My preview on the real doll will come soon!

  thewa-deva-doll-back copy thewa-deva-doll-nude copythewa-asian-single-eye-lip copy thewa-deva-doll-full-length copythewa-deva-doll-leather copy Thewa-deva-doll-main-page thewa-nude copy thewa-deva-doll-side copy  thewa-dolls-jeans copy  thewa-male-doll-of-deva copythewa-male-blonde copy  thewa-short-blonde-deva' thewa-short-hair-deva-doll copy thewa-suit-deva-doll copy thewa-tan-skin copy thewa-tian-shi-deva-doll copy

thewa-piano copy thewa-male-apsara

Picture credit: All by Apr, Deva Dolls

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Anonymous said...

simply amazing! i really like the short-redhaired version. (=

Anonymous said...

i can't help but think "dorian gray" when i look at the-wa! he is indeed a gorgeous doll!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Quite masterful in every way, which is what to expect from the masters of dollmaking. Congratulations!
Best wishes