Sunday, July 4, 2010

Luxe – The New Face Sculpt & Improved Body by Ficon Doll


Just read the news from the Ficon website ( that it has a new dressed doll named Luxe released on 28th June and priced at US659.  This is an exclusive doll of their own website and could not be purchased anywhere else.  This Luxe doll has a new face mould and jointed knees which enable the poseability of the doll.

Luxe3 copy

Judging from the official pictures that it has more beautiful face than the past releases.  The old face mould is quite cartoonish to me, this Luxe doll has a realism look.  As you could see that Ficon doll has big breasts, wide thick hips and long neck which makes its head always looks too small to me.  Maybe this Chewin’s volum wig does help to reduce such out of proportion feelings in a certain extend.


This Chewin wig is really funky and cool.  Honestly, I like it a lot. The outfits by Rhi also looks very cool.  However, I think the long lace up boots is not a good choice. It is too noisy from top to toe and lost of focus point.


In some of the pictures, Luxe looks like Paul Pham’s Numina doll.  But in some pictures, it looks like Sydney Chase by Robert Tonner.  Oh well, I guess such comments may not be too fair to Ficon. After all, I could see that Ficon doll is doing a good job and keep improving their products!

luxe-ficon-doll-closeup copyThis Luxe set comes with doll, outfits, wig, shoes, handbag, doll stand. It has 2 extra hands but no magnetic hands are offered this time!

  Luxe6 copy Luxe7 copy Luxe8 copy Luxe9 

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Lisa Astrup said...

very nice doll, outfit and wig.

Lisa Astrup said...

very nice doll, outfit and wig.