Saturday, July 17, 2010

Since Someone Asked – Body Comparison & Tried Another Trent’s Outfits, Masquerade, on The-wa!


The-wa was online for sale from 11:30pm, Bangkok time last night (16th June). LE30 was sold out in about 10 minutes’ time. 

TrentLoverInDisguiseI reported here before that The-wa could share the wardrobe of Matt and Trent. (click here, and here)

But there is a query on the yahoo group about the big difference on the body shape and design amongst Matt, Trent and The-wa, so she is wondering would other Trent’s outfits also fit. Good point!  I have no doubt about Matt’s outfits but Trent's, I only have two, so am not so sure either. Therefore, here is another attempt – Masquerade! 

The answer is “Yes” in general as you could see in the pictures here! It fits perfectly on the shirt and over coat, but the waist is too tight, and The-wa’s legs are longer. The inside buckles could not reach each other but the outer ones could.

       (First of all, a revision on The-wa on “The Rains Came” of Trent’s)    thewa-by-chewin-deva-dolls-indian-look IMG_2298

      (Now, below are shots of The-wa on “The Masquerade” of Trent’s)

  IMG_2301  IMG_2303   thewa-deva-dolls-trent-outfits-2IMG_2306  IMG_2308 IMG_2309  IMG_2311  IMG_2312IMG_2313 IMG_2314  IMG_2316  IMG_2318  IMG_2321     IMG_2304

Picture credit: All Cliff CHAN

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