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Applying Eyelashes Picture Tutorial by Ayal Armon (Ayaloo)

I had my very first attempt on gluing the doll’s eyelashes earlier this month (click here for the previous post). But I had nobody to take pictures documenting the actual procedures for me. In my previous interview with Ayaloo (Ayal Armon’s interview), the signature of his OOAK is with applied eyelashes.  Ayaloo is kind enough to share his picture tutorial on “Technique on applying eyelashes”  with us here. I found it REALLY useful and I would be more confident in doing it again next time!


The eyelashes I use are the 32 mm


It also comes without the lower eyelashes that can be used for lower eyelids or for male dolls. I get the black.

Good source for eyelashes are

Kemper dolls

Miniworld doll supplies

All for a doll

These eyelashes are longer than the dolls eye and will need to be trimmed down to fit the dolls eye. For cutting the length I use a small blade, it can be an xacto or a surgical one that comes to a sharp tip.

I got mine at miniworld its under scalpels, and cost $1.25


At the bottom of the page.


I use Elmers glue to glue the eyelashes. I found this glue to work best for me. Most glues dried flexible which moved the eyelashes when touched. Elmers dries hard and the eyelash do not move. It can be removed easily as well just by pulling it off.


My tools all set up.


I use Princeton brush 20/0 to apply the glue


I remove the glue that is on the eyelash, pick it up with my tweezers. I put some glue in a small dish and have some water at hand to dilute the glue if it dries a bit.



Apply some glue to the base of the eyelash. Only apply about ¼” length. No need to apply to the whole base.


clip_image020 clip_image022

Apply thin line of glue to the upper eyelid. Apply only to about half of the eyelid.


Position the eyelash at the corner of the eyelid and press lightly with the tweezers, to hold it in place. At this point you only glue about ½ of the eyelid.


clip_image028 clip_image030

Hold the eyelash in place with the tweezers for about a minute or until the glue is somewhat dry, when the eyelash do not move if you move the tweezers. Let the eyelash dry for couple of more minutes before you glue the rest of the eyelash.

At this point I work on the other eye, to bring it to this state. By that time this eyelash is ready to be finished.


Pull the eyelash to the end of the eyelid, gently press the blade to cut the access.


Apply glue to the rest of the eyelid and press lightly the eyelash to put in position. Hold like that for about a minute.



I applied the eyelash on the other eye and while it dries, I put a thin line of glue on top of the eyelid where the eyelash was installed. Kind of eyeliner with the glue. Only a thin line.


While the ‘eyeliner’ dries finish the rest of the eyelash. Trim the access the same way, apply glue to the rest of the eyelid, hold in place with the tweezers. clip_image042


Put a glue eyeliner on the other eye, and let it dry.

At this point I also apply a fine eyeliner on the glue with black or whatever color you want. On this doll I used fuchsia. Seal the makeup with an acrylic sealer that is if you use acrylic paints.


With the tweezers, gently lift the eyelashes to a nice curl along the eyelid. At this point its up to you on how high you want the eyelashes to be, along the eyelids or higher curving towards the eyebrow. If the eyelash move from its base, DO NOT PUNIC, just place it back in place with your tweezes, it will stick right back.

When I started applying eyelashes, I used to do this part the next day. The glue was firmly dry by than and nothing popped.


Once the eyelashes are ‘raised’ you can trim the inner side to create a shorter eyelash at the corner of the eye. This is an option and a personal preference.


Apply a thin coat of glossy medium sealer on the eyeball and along the inner eyelid to give the eye its shiny look, and adding some more security to the eyelash.

This stage can be done after each eye is done or after you finished both. I did this before raising the other eyelashes.


That’s it. You are all done. You can breathe again.


Any questions, comments and if it worked for you write me at

Have fun. The first few will be the hardest, but it will get easier with practice. I promise.

by Ayal Armon


Picture credits: Ayal Armon (Ayaloo)

All rights reserved. Please do NOT reuse any materials or write up with prior writing for permission.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic - thank you very much!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic - thank you very much!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic - thank you very much!!

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Thank-you so much! Very helpful!

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Thank-you so much! Very helpful!

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Great tutorial!

Pansycritter said...

I have a vintage 19" bride doll which I have rerooted her hair. She has the eyes that close when you lie her down. The eyes have stiff short lashes. Do I need to remove these lashes to have a better effect with the new lashes?