Thursday, August 19, 2010

Why Are You Doing This to Me, Iplehouse? I Am Head Over Heel for this Belly Dancer!!

I have been trying so hard to avoid any BJD bigger than my Deva, Sybarite, Jamie show!  I was so behaved when I as at DP5 in August and rejected all the temptations on bringing any bigger BJD home.  But today I saw the pictures of the new EID Belly Dancer, Carina, in Iplehouse website, my heart beat so fast than it hurts! Why are you doing this to me, Iplehouse?

Carina_dancer_dt1Iplehouse must has done a serious research on a Belly dancer!  Carina has all that I wanted, her look, her body, her skin tone, her articulation, her costume & accessories, her style… Wow, who could insists her?  I , obviously, could not!!

I tried to added up the cost of all the optional services & items, such as  face-up, hand and feet brushing, wig, costume, mobility joints, enhanced eyes etc. before postage, it already costs US987!!!!  I guess I might need to sell my kidney for her, both of them!!!!

 Carina_dancer_dt2 Carina_dancer_dt3 Carina_dancer_dt4 Carina_dancer_dt5 Carina_dancer_dt6 Carina_dancer_dt7 Carina_dancer_dt8 Carina_dancer_dt9 Carina_dancer_dt10 Carina_dancer_dt11 Carina_dancer_dt12 Carina_dancer_dt13 Carina_dancer_dt14 Carina_dancer_dt15 Theo_musician_dt08 Carina_dancer_dt16 Carina_dancer_dt17 Carina_dancer_dt18

Picture Credit: Iplehouse

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~Nigel~ said...

ya, me too!!!! she is totally gorgeous! i have broke with buying Jessica and ASA form IP already, Carina touch my heart again.......

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Nigel: I wish I could have more space for EID girls. They are getting better and better everytime they release a new one!!!

~Nigel~ said...

Cliff: ya, that is totally true! i still need to save money for a Tedros and here come Carina! i don't know which i should buy 1st....T.T coz i have own 2 EID lady already, will it be too much for another Carina? haha