Monday, September 20, 2010

Crows x Worse – Fashionable Mange Gangster Figurines

11081222679414_838I bought this 11 inches figurine named Harumichi Bouya about a year ago.  It is one of the characters of a popular Japanese mange called “Crows x Worse”. Harumichi, the 5th generation gang leader of 武裝戰線, has a typical rebellion angry look – scared face, sleeveless vest to show off the tattoos on both arms and chests, wrist band, steel wallet chain hanging down out of his leather pants’ pocket.  Although he is not articulated, his look can kill that I decided to bring him home.

harumichi diorama Because of his odd size, he could not mingle with other girls or boys, I made my very first diorama for Harumichi.  It is a single male room with a ball shape launch chair, a guitar, flat screen TV, headphone, tennis racket, football, a surf board, set with a small motorcycle and a motorcycle goggle.  I also gave him a cowboy hat and a cowboy boots…a totally cool looking guy.IMG_3878

Harumichi was in solitude for quite awhile until lately that I came across another character called “Tessyo Kawachi”, who is Hirumichi’s successor as the 6th generation of the gang leader in the story (but he was killed in a traffic accident).  I am lucky enough to tracked it down and found several other limited edition ones too.  Now I have 5 of them in my collection.  The story of “Crows x Worse” is by Mr. Hiroshi Takahashi, the figurines of this size are all sculpted by the famous artist Mr. Tetsuo Kitahara. However, I found that they are actually produced by different companies. 

copyDSC_0505(This is Tessyo, the successor of Harumichi)


   IMG_3860 IMG_3868


This hand is actually put inside the side pocket. Out of curiosity, I took it out. I did not expect it was a fully detail sculpted hand. 



IMG_3866      IMG_3879

IMG_3876    4889379811_4c0e872f28_b  IMG_3884 I am happy with their rebellion looks, their styles and… … their fashion.  The outfits, shoes and other accessories (sunglasses, rings, wallets etc.) on these figurines actually have 1:1 human size version for sale in the Black Rebel stores all over Japan.



(the right one is actually white horse hair look boots and really looks like real!) IMG_3869

Picture credit: Cliff Chan, Black Rebel

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Terri Gold said...

These guys are true gangsta' types. I love the belt that says bullshit. So funny. It's great to read about dolls I seldom see in the US.

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Anonymous said...

That isn't Harumichi, that's Fifth Generation Head Kousei Takeda. He's not wearing a vest, he's wearing a tank top.
Harumichi is the guy that you have two figures of, wearing the baggy pants.

Anonymous said...

Harumichi bouya wasn't a member of TFOA, he's that golden haired boy