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! Hola ! A Dream Doll House – Plaza Mildendo in Mexico

Having a dream doll house is probably one of the biggest ambitions of a child. When I was a child, my younger sister and I made doll furniture out of empty match boxes or cutting cardboards. When I started to play with my TV heroes, Steve Austin and Jamie Summers, I wanted a Mission Control Center (see clip below); when I had my Farrah Fawcett-Majors doll, I wanted to have a Charlie’s Angels hideaway house by Mego (see clip below). But they were all NOT available in Hong Kong. Years later, when I collected action figures, I wanted to have a Justice League Headquarters. After a few years of collecting my fashion dolls, I so wanted a doll house or a catwalk stage for them.

A Dream Doll House!

There are a number of cool doll houses markers available in the market, but one of them has really drawn my attention in the past few months. I had been lurking on Plaza Mildendo, which provide wooden doll furniture and doll houses, for quite a while now. I first found it on facebook. I am impressed by their doll house which is all white in color with a balcony, wardrobes, fixtures and lightings etc. The best of all, it has 4 wheels which enables you to move the house around without sweat, you can play from different angles just by turning it around.

casa1casa91balcon3balcon4  casa2 casa3  casa5 A 1:1 Living Doll Playing with a 1:6 Doll House:

I accidentally found a video clip on YouTube which shows a very cute little boy playing with that doll house. That cut boy is like a 1:1 OOAK living doll. He actually is the son of one of the founder, Tamara Friedrichova. Tamara is one of the most friendliest and helpful ladies that I have ever met. She is originally from Czech Republic, East Europe, but living in Mexico with her husband and son now. I contacted her for more information about that dream doll house, she is so kind to answer my queries and sent me the pictures that you could see here.

Furniture Dead or Alive:

Besides offering various doll furniture, Plaza Mildendo, also offers some props, accessories, and doll outfits made by different artists. For furniture, you may choose from colors like black, white, walnut, mahogany, cedar, oak-tree for most of their creations. If you are a fan of Evangeline Ghastly, you would be happy to see that they have coffins on the list as well, furniture to be used after death! LOL!!!


House with Artisans

The furniture carpenter’s name is Rogelio Moreno, a Mexican who is the main artisan of this website. Rogelio is interested in making conventional furniture with detailed craftsmanship. He emphasizes on ‘precious, functional and high quality wooden furniture”. In their website, it also says that the furniture is made exactly as the human size, so do the coffins. Western Coffins look very different from the Chinese ones. Well…I do not want to know what my coffin is made of and how it would look like, at least not for the time being. LOL!!!

The other artisans in Plaza Mildendo, besides Tamara herself who makes doll clothes, Carlos Perez who also makes clothes for 1:6 dolls, Racsso who makes caps.


Mexican Surprise!

Plaza Mildendo, surprisingly, is actually located in Mexico. I have no idea that there is also a big doll community there! Tamara told me that their clients are mainly from USA. Of course, they have customers from Europe and domestically in Mexico alike. However, each doll community has its own demand characteristic. Such as 1:4 is more popular in USA and Europe, whereas S. American customers are interested in 1:6.



User Friendly Interface

The interface of Plaza Mildendo is very user friendly. The product pictures are large enough in size for you to see the details. Under the page of each item, there are options of mailing method with respective charges - by airmail or by trucks (in USA), insurance and refund policies etc. It is very easy to figure out the total cost right on that spot without needing to go back and forth the shopping cart page to check the postage.

Tempting! Tempting!

Although the sizes are mainly 1:6 (Barbie, FR etc.) and 1:4 (Tonner, Deva, Sybarite etc.) in Plaza Mildendo, Tamara mentioned that they are working on the scale for Blythe and Pullips now. They also take individual order as per customers’ requests in terms of size, style and even materials! Isn’t it tempting to order your own dream house and furniture (or coffin, if you like :-p) for all your doll family?

The order details of this house could be found by clicking here -->  Doll House Ordering Information


balcon1   casa8casa7       plantabaja2 plantabaja3 plantabaja4 rogelio_sala6plantabaja5 plantabaja6  primerpiso1

 plazamildendo bed                  cami_throne2

Website :

Wooden doll house ordering page:


Facebook: Plaza Mildendo


Below is copied from the Website!  I think it is kind of interesting in finding out why they named it as

“Plaza Mildendo”

- The Place that pampers your dolls
- The House of the craftsmen of the Mildendo City

What is Plaza Mildendo?

A project which originated in Mexico by several artisans - doll collectors and fans of miniatures.
A project full of passion, imagination, and creativity that fills us with enthusiasm and hope.
For us, "craftsmen of Mildendo City", means much more than a job; it is really fun and a dream come true.

Why call it a Plaza?

Because it is a place that gathers several craftsmen within the "Plaza" where they will offer their creations.
It is a plaza, market or if you want a small shopping center that has four major stores within:
furniture store, clothing store, jewelry store and the latest, an accessories store.

Why name it Mildendo?

Because all that you can find in this Plaza is in miniature.
Items are made in several scales for diverse types of Fashion dolls.

... And Mildendo city is imperial capital and major metropolis of Lilliput! - a most popular miniature city in literature!

"The Wall which encompassed it is two foot and a half high, and at least eleven Inches broad...; and it is flanked with strong Towers at ten foot distance... The City is an exact Square, each Side of the Wall being five hundred foot long. The two great Streets, which run cross and divide it into four Quarters, are five foot wide... The Town is capable of holding five hundred thousand Souls. The Houses are from three to five Stories."

- Gulliver's Travels: Voyage to Lilliput - Jonathan Swift, 1726


Picture credit: Plaza Mildendo

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