Friday, September 10, 2010

The-wa #5 Arrived Today

thewa banner

After a long wait, my The-wa has finally arrived today!  I took a few snap shots of him. His box is made of demine clothe. Although it looks very simple and is handmade quality, I quite like it! Things inside are padded with die-cut foam firmly to allow long and turbulence travelling.  I am surprised to see that with their limited production quantity, they have their own shipper with logo and email contacts printed on top!

Thewa #5

The-wa dressed in his white v neck vest and a white underwear.  He came with all 4 different expressive hands!  He is a wonderful doll…just that the painting on the veins on his arms and hands need improvement.  One default black middle parted wig is included. Now, he demands more wigs to go with his dating with different girls in the house!professionalpackaginNot just any cartoon box, a box with Deva Dolls logo and contacts printed.

debox thewaBoyish Denim clothe Box       Thewa default wigVery natural looking hair line!

Now, he would need some new wigs to play with!!    thewa express hands  4 expressive hands to play around with


Terri Gold said...

I know you meant to write 'denim' cloth when describing the box. I am looking forward to seeing more pictures of your new guy who is going to date the girls in your house. LOL.

Cliff - Hong Kong said...


Thank you for visiting my blog and correcting that word....I have corrected the description. Thank you very much indeed!!!