Monday, October 4, 2010

Another Online War is About to Start – Apsara Soon Goes Live for Sale - by Deva Dolls

Apsara Reviewed copy

The long wait of the next Deva Doll is soon over.  The newly modified Thai girl face mold, Apsara, is scheduled for sale online on 7th Oct.  (Thus.).  What I heard is that there would only be LE 20, so the competition would be very sever!   

Apsara would be the very first face mold with open mouth and softer feminine look in the series!!  A very refreshing change in style!  I heard that it would come with stunning jewelry too!   Guys and gals, on your mark and get set!!!

apsara reviewed 2010

Picture credit:  Deva Dolls

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Alison in CA said...

Hi Cliff, I'm still enjoying your blog, and I've awarded you a lovely blog award! You can check it out here, if you'd like.

Alison in CA said...

Wow--she is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Do you know if the hair is rooted or is this a wig? I am always too late to get these dolls, LOL. I still love to see the pictures and always like to read your blog. LauraLA

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

LauraLA: Thank you very much for your compliment! That is a hard cap wig. Good luck to you this time, dear!

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Alison: That is very kind of you!!

mary said...

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