Thursday, October 7, 2010

Apsara Set Reviewed With Details Online Just Now!!

This Apsara (LE20) is going to be the most expensive one of all Deva Dolls for sale to the public so far.  It is because She would come will fine jewelry which is 950 silver pink gold finished and decorated with pink crystal.



As seen on the official pictures, she looks like a beauty queen or a celebrity who is glamorous, feminine, soft, light but bright! 

apsara-2010-devadolls  apsara-deva-doll-2 apsara-devadolls-  

Below is the official description of Apsara:

Apsara appear with shiny skin and dark brown eyes in light brown eyebrow. Purple and light pink make up tone for attractive eyes, pink light for lips and pink tone for brush.
She wears light pink evening gown and wearing fine jewelry , necklace , bangle and earring. Put up curly hair wig.
Only 20 Apsara waiting for you.

Apsara Reviewed copy
1.    USD 720 per one set not include shipping.
2.    Fine jewelry made from 950 silver pink gold finished decorated with a pink Crystal.
3.    Every dolls made for quality resin, acrylic make up and laminate with clear UV cut, which can protect the dolls from ultraviolet. It helps maintain color and easy for cleaning.
4.     1 set of  Product includes doll with make up, 2 pairs extra hands, 1 hair wig, fine jewelry set, one dress set , 1 set of high heel, and a stand which will be in a beautiful and save package.
5.    We wrap more of sponge in side of box to protect damage from shipping.
We diver every dolls worldwide by Thailandpost mail express;
Shipping cost
-    USD 60    =     USA
-    USD 56   =     UK, France, Germany, Finland, Norway, Sweden,  Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Russia,
-    USD 48    =     Spain
-    USD 45    =     Australia, New Zealand
-    USD 32     =    Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, India

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Stone Anchor said...

These dolls are wonderful, haven't seen anything like this before!

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Stone Anchor: Yes, she is a very gorgeous girl and the very first Deva doll with softer look!!