Sunday, October 24, 2010

Crows X Worse – Another photograph attempt with new lens.

 suit 2After my first attempt on taking pictures of my Crows x Worse collection (previous entry here) with a basic digital camera, I used a new AF90mm single lens camera to try again, and the result is fantastic!!

I have just ordered 2 more LE figurines which have just released in October…. one of the figurines’ official picture is in the end of this post!

busou x 2 busou 4busou 1 busou 2 busou 3   crows x worse3 of us   IMG_4005crows x worse 5  crows x worse x 6  suit 1  wallet IMG_4011

The one below is going to be mine in this November. Can’t wait!

BLACKTOP 村田將五 [T.F.O.A Ver.]

Picture credit: Cliff CHAN

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