Sunday, October 31, 2010

Glamour Model Doll- Suntan Mettaa –LE20 by DollMore

dollmore-suntan-mettaa-closeup2After all the irresistible tan skin male BJDs by Iplehouse and Soom Dolls, there is another one hits high up in my wish list lately – Suntan Matte by Dollmore. It is only LE20 at the price of US695. For default face up, it is US50. But if you want customized make up, no problem, just add another US15 for it! Fair enough!

I really like this suntan Mettaa, because his face reminds of a talented Japanese singer, Hideki Saijo, of the early 70s! Hot and wild masculine look! However, this BJD is 75cm tall, and by the standard of super model look of DollMore, it means ultra long legs and slim torso, which is, unfortunately, not my taste! I wish they would offer selling head only option, so I would definitely get one!

saijo-hideki-coverdollmore-suntan-mettaa-closeupdollmore-suntan-mettaadollmore-suntan-mettaa-3jpg dollmore-suntan-metta-75cm dollmore-suntan-metta-75c,saijo-hidekidollmore-suntan-mettaa-1dollmore-suntan-mettaa-2 dollmore-suntan-mettaa4 dollmore-suntan-mettaa-full-length dollmore-suntan-metta-glasses and rings, dollmore-suntan-metta-too-talldollmore-suntan-metta-gorgeous-fingers dollmore-suntan-metta-super-model, dollmore-suntan-metta-75cm long legs,

Below is the details of the product, but please pay attention to the size difference of jacket size and shoes:

<< body size >>
* Tall : 75cm
* Circumference of Head : 23cm
* Circumference of neck : 12cm
* Circumference of chest : 29cm
* Circumference of waist : 23cm
* Circumference of hips : 27.6cm
* Width of shoulders : 16cm
* Length of "from hips to ankle" : 43cm
* Length of "from knee to ankle" : 24cm
* Foot size : 10cm
* Eye size : 14mm (Diameter)

* Outfit: Model doll Male sized outfits fit well on Glamour Model Doll
but In the case of Jacket, please request the custom-made.
* Wig: 8-9 inches wigs fit well.
* Shoes: some shoes of Model doll male sized ones fit tightly.
The shoes for Glamour Model Doll will be released soon

Glamour Model Doll - Suntan Mettaa - LE20

Picture credit: Doll More (


moonbeam said...

I started to get REALLY excited about him (he IS gorgeous) but finally I saw the 75cm part, and I was crushed. I really want Dollmore to come up with some better guy faces in the small model group.

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Hi Icy,

Same I wish it was only 17" tall!!!