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Tan The-wa Doll LE20 – For Sale Online 1st Nov. 2010

thewa-tan-skin-devadolls copyThis tan version of The-wa (LE20) came a bit too quick after the debut of the Asian male doll in last July (the debut of Deva’s male doll ), which is not the usual practice of Deva Dolls.  As far as I know, there are actually a number of re-selling of the Asian The-wa still going on in the community.  I guess it would take some time for the market to digest this doll.

Face mould: Anyway, this tan version The-wa has the same face mold as the Asian one.  I wish they have created a Latino face mold as they do for their female dolls. 

Edition, Price and Combo: It is only LE20 vs. the previous LE30. The price reminds the same level at US585 regardless the higher resin costs and the depreciation on US currency verse appreciation on Thai Baht! 

tan-skin-thewa-deva-dolls copy

Tan The-wa will come with the same items as the Asian one.  Just the that wig is different and the v-neck T-shirt and underpants are in black instead of white.

tan-skin-thewa-deva-dolls-2010 copyTan-thewa-deva-dolls-full-length copy

Why Not Change the Knee Joints? How I wish that Deva Dolls would modified the knee joints to double ones like the girls, so he would be more poseable!  Having said that, I still think that The-wa is the BEST male doll of its own size.  So, how could I resist not to order another one for myself?  I have ordered this doll and my number is lucky one - #1!!!

tan-skin-tone-thewa-deva-dolls copy


Deva Dolls started to offer their very first release on male doll fashion about 2 weeks ago.  There are totally 3 styles priced at US175 and US170.  LE10 each but  2 of them have already sold out in just a few days.  The sunglasses, the watch and the belt buckle are all made with 950 silver. 

MY1002-thewa-deva-dolls-watchMY1002-thewa-deva-dolls-fashion-set MY1002-thewa-deva-dolls-fashion-torn-deans  MY1002-thewa-fashion-devadolls MY1002-thewa-fashion-shoes thewa-sun-glass-950-silver      Thewa-official-fashion-set Thewa-official-fashion-set-back thewa-official-fashion-US175 thewa-official-fashion-US175-assemble  

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