Monday, December 20, 2010

Can’t Stop Loving Deva Dolls

   In the past 12 months, the dolls which have got most of my attention and affection are Deva dolls, no matter it is a Deva or a Thewa!

For those Deva Dolls die-hard fans, I am sure they are counting on how many OOAKs are there flowing in the 2nd hand market.  Each on of them is unique and with different skin tone.  Here are a few Deva and Thewa dolls which I really like but in the private collection of some other people.

2 thewa-asian-deva-dolls2 Thewa Asian  thewa and parateeIMG_4902 tan pharatee-deva-dollstan-pharatee-deva-dolls-2  tan skin thewaThewa-asian-deva-dolls   IMG_4903

Picture credit: Cliff CHAN

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