Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Highly Anticipated Malaika is About to Review on Deva Dolls Website

Malaika is properly one of the most versatile AA dolls that I have come across so far! She also probably has the wildest range of skin tone – from pitch dark to pale white, too! I visited Deva Dolls website today and saw the teaser of the main steam Malaika!

UPDATE: Malaika is completely SOLD OUT in 5 minutes!!

Malaika-deva-dolls-main copy 

Most of the Most

Meanwhile, there are some amazing pictures of various OOAK Deva dolls in stunning couture “Most of the Most”. These shots are for the PRIEW magazine in Thailand. These professional taking pictures featured the creativeness of Deva guys - each one of them is so unique and bold in design and character settings!

How about organizing an exhibition or a mini convention in Bangkok for all the Deva Dolls lovers?

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Picture credit: Devadolls.com

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