Monday, December 27, 2010

She is as Gorgeous, the Older version of Deva Girl!

*** Doll Nudity Warning ***

View it at your own discretion!!

Deva-dolls-older-versionWhile we are overwhelmed by the gorgeousness and flawless face up of the new Deva Dolls, we have forgotten some of the older version of Deva girls are as spectacular in their own ways.  I am lucky enough to have this tan Deva which is repainted and breasts enhanced by the Deva guys about 2 years back!  She is stunning in her own way and could mingle with the other Deva girls or The-wa in a harmony!   It is easy to take good pictures of her and I have had lots of fun photographing her tonight!!



 Stunning face up –

her crystal clear eyes can speak!

tan-deva-doll-3  -tan-deva-doll-on-sybarite-outfits tan-deva-dollstan-deva-dolls-2 Enhanced Realistic Look Breasts!tan-deva-doll-breasts-enhancedteddy-and-deva-dolls  teddy&meFrench Manicure teddy-bear-and-deva-doll  deva-doll-closeup

Picture credit: Cliff CHAN

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